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Why Do You Have Sex?

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The New York Times reported this morning that there are 237 reasons . . . and counting . . . why we have sex. But when I say 'we,' I probably mean heterosexuals. The University of Texas at Austin undertook the rigorous task of asking people why they have sex, but the Times story only (seemingly) makes reference to the reasons why straight people hit the bed. So perhaps we need to add a few more reasons to those 237 already recorded, and tell the world why we enjoy sexuality.

As for me, I'd start with my partner's tattoos, his abs, dark brown eyes, that cocky Sicilian grin and . . . wait . . . what was I blogging about?!

Oh, right, the sex survey.

According to the researchers at UT-Austin (who, one presumes, were actually paid to do this), there are quite a few reasons people enjoy sex, and they break down along gender lines. Some of the more intriguing responses were "because it is good for my health," "I wanted to feel closer to God," the ever-popular "I was drunk," and "change the topic of conversation."

Oh yes, and "someone dared me."

I have to imagine most people don't need a "dare" to do the deed, but why on earth were the study's authors, Cindy Meston and David Buss, "astonished by the richness of sexual psychology?" And do we really need to make sex, the richest and most complex of human activities, into a clinical evaluation?

Meston and Buss placed the responses they received into four categories: physical, goal attainment, emotional and insecurity. But doesn't that trivialize and minimize the real reasons we express our sexual selves?

So what about the LGBT community? The Times doesn't say a peep about what, if anything, the researchers found about our sexuality.

So perhaps we need to help out the good people at the University of Texas. You can submit your own reasons online, and the list will start up again at reason #238.

So have at it (pun intended) and let the world know what gets you hot and bothered. And, if you're really an exhibitionist, leave your answers here in the comments, too.

After all, there's nothing like a dare, right?

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Aside from the fact that sex is just good times and who needs a reason other than that . . . I have sex when I'm bored and need something to do. I also like to get busy to cure insomnia.

I guess this is more then a little old fashioned;
I have sex to express my love for my girlfriend.

Hi, too often people forget that sexuality is just a part of a relationship and not all of it. However, if you get everything else working and not the sex bit, you've probably got a doomed relationship.