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Chris Crocker video on Fox and Friends

Filed By Alex Blaze | September 19, 2007 7:23 AM | comments

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Here's what I was talking about earlier; someone finally put it up on YouTube. This is the video of Fox News commentators making fun of Chris Crocker's gender disconformity and laughing at him. They even compare him to bin Laden!

i would be horrified if this happened to me on national TV, being picked apart like this and laughed at. But the comparison to bin Laden is telling. I don't know which commentator made that comment, but he goes straight from gender disconformity to terrorism. You think someone's insecure in his own gender performance?

Chris Crocker's latest response is after the jump.

Audio's NSFW.

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I was nearly late for work 2 days in a row because I was hooked watching this kids videos.. Make no mistake.. he is not horrified with the bad press.. He thrives on it.. I admit it was great entertainment.. but its the kind of entertainment akin to watching a train wreck. Once I got over feeling very sorry for Chris..I too couldn't stop laughing.. I am nothing like the demon spawn at FOX, But let us not forget why these videos even exist out on the net for everyone to see..
Lets not be too over zealous fighting this one.. I think it was carefully orchestrated by the Christer..
And Technically, they didnt compare Chris to Bin Ladin, they compared the back drop.. which I also think is odd he does that.. in many of his videos.. I keep waiting for him to get a flashlight under his chin and say "I see dead people."
I have to admit.. my mind did wander.. and I kinda imagined being in the room while that was being filmed..
Younger sibling runs to mom.. "Mom.... Chris is under the sheet screaming at the camera again...!"
But if you havent seen all the others on his site.. you gotta just spend a few hours doing that.
My personal favorite... Eat my cornhole.. !


I can't say I'm shocked. If you look at hate crimes statistics, you'll see that hate crimes against transgender people are equal to the hate crimes committed against muslims

I wondered about the sheet thing too - even on Buck's combo video the other queer YouTubers made fun of the background. But Osama? Goddamn does everything revolve around a Muslim terrorist? Talk about BushCo...

I'd be humiliated too if everyone around the nation decided to make fun of me. It's not as if he's running for President. But I do agree with Zach that while Chris may have been poked fun of and been degraded, but isn't the main reason for doing YouTube video blogs rather self-promoting anyhow? He's putting himself into the public sphere... It's just a shame that the debate has centered around his gender instead of his message. Of course, when that message is "Yah rah! Britney Spears!" what do you expect?

The gender comments are certainly in poor taste, offensive really- however, I think when you put yourself out there in this very over the top way, or any way for that matter- you're opening yourself up to all kinds of possible ridicule.

I don't think that just because Chris put himself out there in defense of Britney or for comedy or whatever that somehow the Fox News commentators are justified or that he's asking for it. They could have just made fun of the fact that he's a Britney fan. Instead they chose to go after his identity and show their own discomfort with gender play.

Again... you have to see the other videos he does.. The Fox commentary, while it would horrify most of us..,is exactly the kind of massive free press this kid likes.. Hey.. its no big deal.. even if you watch the vid that Chris does in response to the Fox segment, its clear he likes to stir the pot.. (And clearly smoke a little too.. ) I dont know that Chris has ever identified himself as trans.. not everyone who wears make up is trans.. He does on occasion talk about being more than a woman than certain people, but then is quick to say.. Balls N' All..
Like I said, when picking which fights to battle whether its gay or trans.. we should make sure people we defend a) are offended. b) are not seeking out the criticism. c) Are not already doing a more than adequate job of defending themselves, and D) should not be seeming to be high and cracked to the gills.. or at best off their meds..
Yes, as a blanket statement, Fox was insensitive. But shit.. its Fox.. they are like that with everything and that's how they like it. They know we don't like it and I suspect they would never say things like they do off camera in social settings.. They.... Like Mademoiselle Chris Crocker.. are in it for the shock factor.. And like the Chris's viewers... thats why Fox's viewers watch...