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Fox News is acting like Fox News, again

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Remember that Chris Crocker video defending Britney Spears? (It's to the right as today's YGST.) It's made it around the world and back, and even onto Fox News. I can't find video or transcript the discussion of Chris Crocker. (If you do please send me the link!) But Chris saw it and responded here:

Fox News apparently has a problem with gender non-conformists, which shouldn't come as too big a surprise considering the station is set up to help people follow lock-step the Bush Administration. But you'd think that they'd at least have the decency not to play a video that they knew they couldn't handle respectfully.

Keith Olbermann's reaction, after the jump.

This whole thing comes down to just accepting that some people don't feel like they can express themselves with what society labels as "male" or "female" and are out there creating something significant and fabulous for themselves. So then others have to smack it down because it's threatening to their gender privilege, threatening to conformity in general, conformity that makes them feel safe, and challenging to their own gender identification.

Keith Olbermann gives a sarcastic "really" when Michael Musto tells him that Chris is a man.



And if you want to see it, here's Chris Crocker explaining it all when it comes to gender (audio's NSFW):

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Eric Georgantes | September 13, 2007 4:42 PM

This is all very bad, but why does he insist upon giving other gender nonconformists a bad name by defending Britney? =(

I don't know..

I watched about 9 of his videos and I can't see anything then an attention addict.

Take Care


Kenneth Hill at Queersighted has one of the best post about this video up today. I'll admit my own sissy-phobia kicked in with a "He'll give us all a bad name!" until I thought "Fuck that. Those same people will hate us no matter what. Let him be himself!"

I wonder why the first video is "no longer available"...

Keith Olbermann's reaction doesn't seem as much of a problem to me as Michael Musto's tacky need to impose binary gender tyranny.

I like Chris's quote in the last video: "It's not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself."

Eric Georgantes | September 14, 2007 5:23 AM


I don't really see the problem with the binary thing. I don't really see any reason to refer to someone as something other than their biological sex, unless they are considering transitioning (or would like to, if they are unable to do for whatever reason).

I thought that Olbermann's "Really?" in that sardonic way was more juvenile and insulting than a simple correction on a person's sex.

I don't know that Musto was imposing "binary gender tyranny" so much as correcting a wrong fact. And that's fine to do. After all, how many transgender folks will automatically correct you if you refer to them as the wrong gender? In fact, most media has been taught by now to refer to people as the gender they refer to themselves as. Chris claims his place as male - not female - if I'm up to date. By correcting Olbermann, Musto was simply helping Chris to claim his gender role.

Besides, you of all people Mattilda, should know that it's not binary to be a man who acts like and looks like a woman and yet refuses to be called a woman. I think by pointing out that Chris isn't a woman - but more of a genderfuck - Musto's helping to destroy the binary system.

Bil, I know very little about Chris Crocker, and wasn't aware that Chris preferred the label "male."

But, not to get nitpicky or anything -- "man" is a very different category than "male," i.e. someone can certainly identify as male, but not a man. Also, for someone on the genderfuck spectrum to identify as male does not mean that ze has a problem with being perceived as female.

These are just complicating factors, to add to the mix... On a different note, when a transgendered person corrects someone on a gender pronoun, that is about self-determination, not categorization of someone else, which is an entirely different (and more problematic) matter.

Also, since the first video is "unavailable," I realize I might be missing something... What does it say, what does it say?

I think that I'm the only one here who actually subscribes to Chris Crocker's stuff on YouTube, and I'm just going to say that I don't think that Chris has ever identified as "male", but he has referred to himself both as a man and as a woman, although the latter is usually when he's joking around. He does call him self a gay man a lot, but I just don't think he's all that concerned with language.

I didn't really have a problem with either of them saying that Chris is a man or a woman, it's just kinda, well, the sneering that Keith did, as if he got to decide who was a man and who wasn't, and Chris was more angry about the Fox News people sitting around and nitpicking his body instead of addressing the issue at hand (even if that issue was Britney's performance at the VMA).

There, I hope that makes this a little clearer.