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After a night (of not too restful) sleep on the actions of the House Democrats stripping of transgender people from ENDA, I'd like to make a few observations. It's been said by Barney Frank that the votes are just not there for transgender inclusion. Considering that 60 percent of the electorate support it, I'm confused as to why Congressional Democrats dont have the support. It seems more likely that they are concerned about a trans-inclusive ENDA and the Matthew Shepard Act passing through a Democratic Congress being used as fodder by the right wing in the coming election cycles. Barney Frank is a politician, and this is a political decision.

The Human Rights Campaign, on the other hand, states in their mission statement that they are "America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality." From the actions of the last 48 hours, I'd disagree with that part of their mission statement. They are the largest GLB (and sometimes T) political organization. A civil rights organization does the will of the community, a political organization does the will of a political party. Groups that have signed on to the NGLTF/Stonewall Democrats letter are civil rights organizations that advocate on the basis of the will of the community, not Presidential politics. Have ANY GLBT rights organizations come out in support of the Congressional Democrats actions? If they have, they've not made public statements to that affect.

I'm upset, but I'm not going to go off and say "HRC, never again!" I'm sure there will be occasions in the future that the agenda of my community and HRC's cross paths. But I'll always keep in mind that they are a political organization first, and GLB (and sometimes T) organization second. In the back of my mind I'll always keep the words of Joe Solmonese at Southern Comfort Conference as a reference. Those were political words, said out of a political mouth. I'll compare those words to Hillary's husband:

"It depends on how you define alone…"

"It depends on what the meaning of the words 'is' is"

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HRC isn't a GLBT civil rights organization. It's a corporation intended to serve the interests of its major donors. There's no other rational conclusion. After all, every time they have the opportunity to prove otherwise they do exactly the opposite.

They are no more and no less than exactly that. Like all of us, HRC deserves to be defined in concert with the way they present themselves to the rest of the world.

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"HRC isn't a GLBT civil rights organization. It's a corporation intended to serve the interests of its major donors."

No, its a faux-corporation club intended to serve the interests of the handful of professional, transphobic gay elitists who have privileged themselves with the posture of not having to compete in the real world for the ability to earn a living.

Sometimes this aligns with the interests of professional, transphobic gay elitists who give money to HRC, but most often the result is a con job perpetrated against not simply the trans people who have donated money (and allowed themselves to be used publicly as 'board members') but all GLBTs who do not fit the true HRC representational demographic.

The person behind this is Nancy Pelosi. She has been a vicious heterosexist ever since she queer baited Harry Britt to win her House seat. She is hoping that she can use trans exclusion to divide the queer community and make us weaker politically.

This isn't the first time that Barney Frank ha sold out the entire queer community to a homophobic Democratic Party leader. He did everything to give Bill Clinton political cover when Clinton was working to expand the scope of the military ban and make it a federal statute rather than an executive order.

Barney Frank always will betray us. The only queer he gives a damn about is Barney Frank.

As far as I'm concerned, Pelosi and Frank are doing a very good job of dividing: me from the Democratic Party. The Green Party looks better every day.

Log Cabin Republicans, Stonewall Democrats and the Human Rights Campaign are locked in a political closet. From the start they’ve been clueless about their actual role.

By shackling themselves to the parties of bigotry, war and union busting they marginalize themselves. Trapped by loyalty to reactionary or rightist anti equality parties they’re permitted to speak but ignored, encouraged to hustle votes and money but lack even a facade of clout. So why are they continually surprised when the knife is driven into their back? The HRC, the Stoneheads and the Logheads are futility incarnate. They sit idly as Republicans scapegoat us and Democrats betray us.

That’s changing. Driven by massive anger at Bush’s oil piracy, an eroding standard of living and demands for full equality by ourselves and others, politics are heating up. The Democratic and Republican parties have combined to pass laws like the Patriot Act, DOMA, DADT and other laws that relegate us to second class citizens by force of law. They refuse to impeach Bush and Cheney or to end the war. They have no solution for the economic problems of Americans because they create them to increase the wealth of the already bloated rich.

The 2008 cycle of the presidential follies will produce a Democratic victory and that will kill them. They’ll begin paying the price for decades of pretending to be the allies of working people, minorities, women, etc. They’re trapped between a rock and a hard place as growing political volatility makes it impossible for them to continue substituting promises and posturing for real world political results.

We should urge people to vote for leftwing parties instead of wasting their vote. For the present the best option for is to join and build the union controlled US Labor Party. The LP party’s growth will provide a refreshing political arena where our agenda for full equality can proceed free of dependence on theocrats and backstabbers.

With all of the hurt feelings and rumors flying around these days, I think Marti said something very important here:

I'm upset, but I'm not going to go off and say "HRC, never again!" I'm sure there will be occasions in the future that the agenda of my community and HRC's cross paths.

That's something we should all keep in mind. While we're understandably upset, we don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water.