Michael Crawford

Republican Candidate Booed for Supporting Marriage Ban

Filed By Michael Crawford | September 06, 2007 9:13 AM | comments

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At last night's Republican presidential debate on Fox News Noise, the New Hampshire audience booed Senator Sam Brownback when he voiced strong support for a constitutional amendment banning marriage between same-sex couples. Meanwhile, a voter was asked if there is a need for a such amendment. She received loud cheers when she said "Absolutely not. We're the state of "live free or die" and people should be able to marry the person they love.

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Leland Frances | September 6, 2007 12:13 PM

ENOUGH preaching to each other on blogs and print gay media! We're deep in this election campaign, we've had the exalted HRC candidates forum, etc., so it is far past time that we demand that HRC, NGLTF, etc., stop being worthless,paper tiger pansies and join together and, taking a page from the GOP tactics book Hillary finally learned from, FIGHT THE FUCK BACK everytime someone like Brownback utters such dishonest bullshit before millions of people. Pester the news networks, newspapers, etc, until they allow them on to refute such crap. Don't wait for a fucking invitation. Don't just send out another worthless, self-righteous press release that just gets ignored. Did no one learn anything from the Black civil rights movement; from the suffrage movement? Segregation wasn't stopped by press releases. Blacks didn't secure the right to vote or eat, drink, sleep, live, swim, etc., by press releases. The 1964 Civil Rights Act wasn't passed because of press releases. Women in America didn't get the right to vote because of press releases. Flood media switchboards. Show up at their offices unannounced. Chain yourself to their doors but FIGHT goddamn it!!!!!! It's 2000 fucking 7 and our PAID "leaders" are STILL letting the homohaters control the floor. Grab the ball back!!!

FIGHT back goddamn it!!!!!!

FIGHT back goddamn it!!!!!!

FIGHT back goddamn it!!!!!!

FIGHT back goddamn it!!!!!!

FIGHT back goddamn it!!!!!!

Denise Travers | September 7, 2007 12:20 AM

MC: You're being disingenuous. Yes, Brownback was booed. But, he also received cheers and shouts of praise.

Of course, I find Brownback -- and the positions he takes -- disgusting and thoroughly un-American. But I hatehatehate seeing progressive bloggers/journalists stooping to the same BS tactics of outlets like Fox Noise. You have power -- you have the ability to be heard. You have a responsibility because of that power. That responsibility is impugned by conservative media. Don't let their tactics wear on you.

LF: I think you need a nice massage.

I hope that your rage doesn't eat you alive. This world is so overwhelmingly and inescapably bound with injustice, it's easy to feel that rage. But, you are hurting no one except yourself i you let it overcome you.

Be the change you want to see. -M. Ghandhi


I don't think that he's being disingenuous. Brownback was booed there, and he put up the vid for everyone to see. If he were trying to hide anything he wouldn't have done that, and I think that's the more important part to mention - the booing - because Republicans are predisposed to cheering homophobia.

Not Denise specific~

I actually kind of like Brownback. He's a lot more fun than the other GOPpers, mainly because of that little bit of crazy he has. I'm waiting for another talking embryo speech.