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The shocking truth about "Fred" Thompson

Filed By Alex Blaze | September 06, 2007 3:53 PM | comments

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Check this out - GOP fantasy rookie candidate Fred Thompson's legal name isn't Frederick, it's... FREDDIE!

The LA Times is reporting that Freddie was told that if he wanted a career in politics, that he had better "get rid of this Freddie business." I know the feeling. I don't go by my real name on here; "Alex" is short for "Alexander". But then again, that's not as embarrassing as "Freddie".

Speaking of truth and presidential candidates, here's something on Mr Giuliani and his status as a 9/11 hero:

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With the advent of Fred Thompsons announcement Republicans have their own well rounded field of candidates to choose from.

Brownback is a christian totalitarian and proud of it. Keep your eye on this one – his constant repetition of radically antigay, racist, anti-female, and anti immigrant views will attract those in need of a Fuehrer. He knows all about what happened in the camps and what ‘up the chimney’ means.

Giuliani in or out of drag takes one step forward and two steps backward every time he opens his mouth about gay and lesbian equality, not unlike Senator Clinton. His pandering will earn him our contempt and that of the totalitarian christians.

Ala Reagan, Fred Thompson, another soon to be senile old actor, will do and say what his coaches tell him to do to get elected. His antigay hatred is real, not read from a script.

McCain flew attack missions during the LBJ/Nixon Democrat/Republican illegal war against the Vietnamese. He wants to be treated like a hero for killing Vietnamese. He wants to be commander in chief and organize the killing of a lot of Iraqis. He needs to be institutionalized.

And there’s that twit from Arkansas, but he doesn’t play the sax, like the other twit from Arkansas, so who cares?

Opposed are the serious Democrat candidates who are unanimous in their opposition to full equality for gays add lesbians, would extend or even enlarge the war in the Persian Gulf, who oppose universal citizenship and constitutional rights for immigrant workers, socialized medicine, and who voted to extend Bush’s Enabling Act, the Patriot Act. Edwards, who invested his fortune (how DO politicians manage to get so rich?) in a mortgage company that’s currently foreclosing like mad. Clinton agrees with Bush’s almost completed plan to use nukes against Iran and his opposition to the Cuban Revolution. Obama talks to god. Kucinich and Gravel are too radical to be approved by the party owners.

So, hold you nose and take your pick. In the one paw you have the Democrat/Republicans, and in the other the Republican/Democrats. Of course, you don’t have to vote for your enemies if you don’t want to. Vote for socialist, communist or anticapitalist green parties, or vote for and help build the US Labor Party, funded and controlled by trade unions.