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University of Florida student Tasered for Speaking to John Kerry out of turn

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A student at the University of Florida was trying to ask Sen. Kerry why he wasn't backing impeachment of the President, when, well, this happened. From the Miami Herald:

"He apparently asked several questions -- he went on for quite awhile -- then he was asked to stop," university spokesman Steve Orlando said. "He had used his allotted time. His microphone was cut off then he became upset."

While as many as four police officers tried to remove Meyer from the forum, he yelled for help and asked "What did I do?" Minutes after Meyer started speaking, he was Tasered.

The disturbing video is after the jump.

It's a whole lot worse than it sounds. The video shows one college student being held down by six officers. He can't really do anything besides beg not to be Tasered, and then they do it anyway. He was completely overpowered by the six cops, was not a threat to anyone, and he was still Tasered. You can hear him screaming in pain in the video.

Amnesty International has found 245 deaths by Taser since 2001. These aren't humane devices, and they aren't safe. They're tools to make the cops feel Big. I hope the school and Kerry's office choose to respond to this appropriately.

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Eric Georgantes | September 18, 2007 12:31 AM

I do think that he was being a bit overly hysterical at first (considering that he'd gone over his allotted time), and that he really should have just gone ahead and sat down, rather than attempting to continue...

But the response was totally inappropriate.

Dang my dialup connnection, I only got to see the first 28 seconds of it.... but in that time one hears Kerry say, "that's alright, let me answer his question." Then the police start getting brutal....

Seriously, who were the people that clapped when the police started to arrest him after Senator Kerry said he would answer his question? Police power in the United States has gone completely mad. Anybody remember the time when we actually cared when citizens got caned in foreign countries? That was with an actual trial.

Seriously who were the people that clapped when the police started arresting him after Senator Kerry said he would answer his question. Remember when people actually cared when an American was caned in a foreign country? Police power in this country has gone completely mad. The people that stood by and watched his are cowards.

Wow, this is horrifying -- and especially horrifying that everyone in the audience is acting like nothing is happening, and Kerry is continuing to speak.

And this is why Kerry isn't our President. He doesn't have the courage to stop an innocent person from being tasered and arrested for asking a question. Big deal if he went over his allotted time - Kerry's in politics. You ever seen some of the Congressional meetings? If Kerry was willing to answer the question, and he's that important, than he should have immediately called for an end to this travesty. I'll be writing Kerry's office immediately.

You can send Kerry's office an e-mail here. You can e-mail the President of the Univ of Florida at

Seriously, John Kerry is a Senator! If he cared for free speech he could have stoped the police from hauling him away. Obviously, he doesn't want to answer any secret society questions. The man is a spineless wimp! He personifies the problem with today's politicians. Money corrupts.

This is sickening to say the least. To see these people sitting all around, just sitting and watching this happen, and Kerry just continuing to speak as if this isn't going on. The whole thing is a sad sick commentary on the state of this country.

Welcome to Amerika The Police State.
No freedom of speech if you try they will torture you.

Land of the Sheep Home of the Slaves.

Well boys and girls welcome to the result of 50 years of not riding heard on Our Government.
Apparently freedom of speech is not allowed in this country anymore. By the way for the uninitiated there are hundreds of videos just like this one up on You Tube and Google Video. Like the poor UCLA student who was tazed SIX TIMES by the cops because he chose to exercise his Constitutional right and not show the officer his ID without the officer giving reasonable cause first.

This is a bad time we live in.

How does that song go
Oh yah….
Where has all the freedom gone
Long time passing
Where has all the freedom gone
Long long ago.
Lets all sing along now.

I am sorry but this makes me really angry.

Pray for America


The worst part is how CNN, etc kept showing the video and claiming he was "clearly resisting arrest" as if he were throwing punches, etc. They had some University official on claiming "officers were injured" and I thought - "Probably got shocked by the Taser since so many of them were sitting on him when he got the zap." Dumbasses.

Anybody with half a brain can see he was NOT resisting.

Oh well If we don't put a stop to this fascist crap now we will deserve to live in the police state they have planned for us.

write to Kerry
Write to the State of Florida the U of F officers are state police.

If action isn't taken those of us who are old enough to remember what the soviet union was like before the cold war ended will live to see the US well on that path.

Pray for America

Take care