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What will Congressman Ellsworth do?

Filed By Bil Browning | September 20, 2007 6:30 PM | comments

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I had an interesting conversation with Stu Rosenburg from the Human Rights Campaign yesterday. He's in town continuing the valuable work he and his team have been doing in Indiana around ENDA and hate crimes legislation. I love sitting and talking with Stu; I learn a lot each time we chat.

For the most part, Stu had good news to impart. Things are looking good for ENDA. Most of Indiana's Democratic Congressional delegation believe we're not second class citizens and deserve the same rights to employment, housing and public accommodations as everyone else. But there's still one Democrat who hasn't committed to voting in favor of ENDA to anyone nationally - Congressman Brad Ellsworth. (You might remember the Congressman from his vote against hate crimes legislation and his subsequent guest post here on the site defending his vote.)

DSCN0126.jpgNow, I'm not saying that Rep Ellsworth is going to vote against ENDA. In fact, he has committed to one person at least that he's going to vote in favor of it. Me. In fact, I blogged it after we spoke at the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner.

Continue on for the quote, some more thoughts and a request for our readers.

Ellsworth was very sincere about his vote and I respect him for his honesty. He also said that he planned on voting in favor of ENDA and pointed out that when he was Vanderburgh County sheriff, he implemented a new non-discrimination policy that included sexual orientation.

Since the Congressman has guest blogged here on the site and didn't attempt to backtrack out of his promise, I'm thinking positive. In fact, I've offered the Congressman another guest post opportunity so he can affirm his support of equality. Plus, he instituted an inclusive non-discrimination policy during his tenure as Vanderburgh County Sheriff; I'm thinking this will be a no-brainer for the Congressman.

Just in case though - and this is a request to all who are reading whether you're from Indiana or not... Take a moment to give the Congressman a call. Let him know that you support ENDA and that you're counting on Representative Ellsworth to keep the promise he made to me.

1 (866) 567-0227

And secondly, e-mail your own Congressperson at Go ahead. Do it. We'll be here waiting patiently.

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Way to go, Bil! We have to keep the pressure on and hold our representatives accountable when the votes count.

Excellent - glad you have this documented. He needs to try to redeem himself after that highly unimpressive excuse on Hate Crimes.

I'm so happy that you have had a chance to talk with the congressman! Its about time that we have sensible people come supporting this vital piece of legislation! Lets keep the pressure on!!!

Hold Ellsworth to his word! We need to ensure all people are treated fairly.

Great article! I hope everyone calls Ellsworth to support this critical legislation. Support equality!

Bil, thanks for this. Since Ellsworth "supports" equality, lets see if we can get enough pressure on him to supprot ENDA!

I guess there are reasons he wouldn't want to support the GLBT community publicly, but once he's made the promise he'd better come through for us. Thanks for posting this!

He hasn't publicly committed? Oh for shame.

Interesting that you got that promise out of him Bil. I don't think that I've ever lied to you, so I can't imagine a Congress critter doing that either!

What do others think? I think that this is an important issue and the more people who comment on this thread, the better. I can't believe that there are any Democrats who are against this bill (or Republicans for that matter, but they've ceased to shock me).

But of course, if there is one, I'd bet he's from Indiana.

*sigh* Who cares about jobs when you can worry about the Colts!