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Where the Project readers are

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This is from the site statistics we get from Google:


The darker the green, the more readers there were in this past week, Sunday to Saturday, on the Project. Hoosiers made up about 18% of you, Californians about 14%, and New Yorkers 11%. Those all make sense, considering that we were, until recently, a Hoosier queer website, and that there are so many gays in NY and CA. The next seven states are Virginia, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and DC, in that order, with 3-5% apiece.


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I am from RI, but as it is a rather conservatively-democrat state with an active, but small LGBT community, I wouldn't expect to see us in the top five.


You need more in Texas.
There are some mighty fine down home real folk there around San Antonio.

Take care

If you don't see lots of visitors from your state, then that means you should send all your friends and neighbors an e-mail with a link to The Bilerico Project. *grins*

In an effort to "green up" their home state of Kansas, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Toto have all bee trying to drum up Bilerico Project readers in Kansas, but a Fred Phelps from Topeka has been parading up and down with signs saying "God Hates Lion", and the cowardly latter hasn't been seen for weeks now. Maybe he's up in Nebraska trying to scare up business there. On second thought......

I read a lot from work (Indiana) but our network server is in Maryland. So subtract one from MD. and add one to IN. :-)

Wow, this is really getting way too complicated! Now I'm not sure if half of those Bilerico readers who appear to be in California and New York aren't really from Idaho and Mississippi and, come to think of it, from somewhere in the Minneapolis airport (sort of gives a whole new meaning to the term "IP Address".