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While I'm on the subject of IFI...

Filed By Bil Browning | September 17, 2007 9:44 PM | comments

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I'm telling you, these fundies don't know anything about gay dating. First Ryan asks me on an all-day date without even so much as a wink. I accepted but at least I had the grace to ask him to a movie before we spent the entire day together... And then he goes around telling the whole state about me before we've even had our first date. This isn't looking good; do I smell co-dependent? *grins*

IFI e-mail alert

I'm gonna have to ask Ryan to show me the "religious right" card he carries... The funniest part is that I found out thru another local rightwing website and Kenn Gividen is in the comments section complaining that I didn't accept his offer to pay my way in. I wonder if he sees me hiding behind every tree plotting to turn the whole world gay...

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Veritas Rex = Truth is King

Lion = King of Beasts

Therefore, they think that their organization is beastly. Or else Curt Smith is just a figurehead and Aslan is really in charge. I dunno.


The "card carrying member" talk was tongue in cheek. :)

As for the lion on, Jesus is called the "Lion of Judah" in the Bible. Jesus is also called "Truth" in the Bible and we (Christians) hold Him up as our King. Therefore, "Truth is King."

You are also correct about the "Truth is King" and the lion being the "King of beasts" as well. There are multiple meanings that go with the lion as symbolism within Christianity, but it usually centers around Christ.

You mean there's not really card, Ryan? Darn it. Do I at least get to learn the secret handshake? *grins*