October 3, 2007

UPDATED 3 2 Indiana Democrats are Blocking Trans-Inclusive ENDA - Take Action

Filed by Jerame Davis | October 03, 2007 | 9:25 PM | comments

UPDATE: See this post for updates - Rep. Baron Hill Supports ENDA with Trans-Inclusion After All There are days I'm reluctant to admit I'm from Indiana and there have been others I haven't wanted to admit I'm a Democrat. Today,...Read More

Barney Frank on Lambda Legal's analysis

Filed by Guest Blogger | October 03, 2007 | 8:40 PM | comments

This guest post comes to us from Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA). Congressman Frank is one of two openly gay House members, is the Chair of the Financial Services Committee, and has been a leader in the development of the Employment...Read More

Gay Geeks: Random Bits

Filed by Jerame Davis | October 03, 2007 | 4:30 PM | comments

I'm a bit behind for this edition of Gay Geeks, but it's the middle of the semester and I've been really busy working on a city council campaign. So I don't have a full entry this week, but I do...Read More

Buck on Dancing With the Stars?!

Filed by Michael Buckley | October 03, 2007 | 4:03 PM | comments

I think I would be a good addition to the show! Write to ABC! Why not!? And I explain that I was not making fun of autistic people last week - DUH!...Read More

Black Gay and Lesbians Have Fewer Mental Disorders than Whites

Filed by Michael Crawford | October 03, 2007 | 3:05 PM | comments

There is some interesting data from a new study showing that Black gay men and lesbians have fewer mental disorders than white gay men and lesbians. How about that? The study was conducted by the Columbia University Mailman School of...Read More

Transgender HRC Board Member Resigns

Filed by Marti Abernathey | October 03, 2007 | 2:51 PM | comments

The only transgender person on HRC's Board of Directors resigned today. The current situation regarding ENDA is nothing short of a politically misguided tragedy. A tool that could and should be a unifying beacon on the heels of the historic...Read More


What in the world is a Bilerico?

Filed by Bil Browning | October 03, 2007 | 12:10 PM | comments

During last night's Strictly Confidential conversation, the first question I was asked is "What does 'bilerico' mean?!" I get that a lot and with all of our new readers and contributors, it seemed like the perfect time to share the...Read More

It is 1984 - all over again!

Filed by Storm Bear | October 03, 2007 | 10:10 AM | comments

click to enlarge We went to go see Van Halen this past weekend in Greensboro and it was a dynamite concert. If you haven't got tickets yet, you may be shit out of luck. I have been in a...Read More

Lesbian Service Member Killed in Afghanistan

Filed by Steve Ralls | October 03, 2007 | 9:21 AM | comments

For the first time, there is a report of an openly gay service member killed while on duty in the war zone in Afghanistan. Massachusetts National Guard Spc. Ciara Durkin, 30, was found with a single gunshot wound to her...Read More

New Stonewall Democrats Come Out Blazing

Filed by Michael Crawford | October 03, 2007 | 7:49 AM | comments

The Stonewall Democrats under the leadership of its new executive director Jon Hoadley have come out smart and serious in the effort to pass a trans-inclusive ENDA. In the week since the drama around the Democratic House leadership's decision to...Read More


Homotextual: Joe Solmonese

Filed by Ed Team | October 03, 2007 | 7:20 AM | comments

"We are now faced with definitive Congressional action to move forward a version of the bill stripping gender identity. Though we support a fully inclusive ENDA, we acknowledge the legislative strategy put forth by Congressman Frank and the Democratic leadership...Read More

Rep Andrews on what went wrong

Filed by Bil Browning | October 03, 2007 | 7:15 AM | comments

ENDA was supposed to come up for final markup this week. Blue Jersey had planned to live blog the event, but when it didn't happen Jay Lassiter sat down with Subcommittee Chairman Representative Andrews for a candid talk about...Read More

Say It Ain't So, Joe!

Filed by Rebecca Juro | October 03, 2007 | 4:08 AM | comments

Ok, so have we finally had enough NOW? Once again, the Human Rights Campaign has sunk to the community's lowest expectations, and turned a willful blind eye to anti-transgender discrimination. Thing is, this is exactly what they promised us they...Read More

We Need to Get Real About ENDA

Filed by Michael Crawford | October 03, 2007 | 1:04 AM | comments

Representative Rob Andrews D-NJ, chair of the committee that was scheduled to hold a hearing on ENDA on Tuesday. discusses the bill, transgender inclusion and the thinking of the congressional leadership in wanting to remove gender identity from the bill...Read More