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UPDATED 3 2 Indiana Democrats are Blocking Trans-Inclusive ENDA - Take Action

Filed By Jerame Davis | October 03, 2007 9:25 PM | comments

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UPDATE: See this post for updates - Rep. Baron Hill Supports ENDA with Trans-Inclusion After All

There are days I'm reluctant to admit I'm from Indiana and there have been others I haven't wanted to admit I'm a Democrat. Today, my friends, I'm embarrassed to admit either. We've now confirmed that three of Indiana's Congressional delegation are holdouts on the trans-inclusive version of ENDA.

Baron Hill of Indiana's 9th District, Joe Donnelly of Indiana's 2nd District, and Brad Ellsworth of Indiana's 8th District are three of the House Democrats holding out on HB 2015, the original - and trans-inclusive - ENDA legislation.

Constituents, concerned Hoosiers, and anyone supporting a fully inclusive ENDA can use the information below to contact these three timid Congressmen and urge them to support trans-inclusion. Now that we know who is blocking progress we need to channel that anger, frustration and energy we've experienced for the past few days into educating these three individuals.

Remember, when talking to the staff member who answers the call to tell them you support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), H.R. 2015, as originally introduced - a fully inclusive bill that provides workplace protections to gay, lesbian, bisexual, AND transgender individuals.

What the hell? Every time there is a queer issue that gets shot down, one or more of these three Indiana Democrats have their name attached to the controversy. And it's usually not on the side of inclusion, equality, or progressive values. Rep. Ellsworth and Rep. Donnelly both guest blogged here on The Bilerico Project in May to explain why they sold us out on the hate crimes vote.


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This should come as no surprise to you. In Indiana we vote in Democrats just to not screw us with legislation which further limits our rights. The idea that they might actually vote to state our rights in law is beyond their job descriptions as Hoosier Democrats.

Or in other words.... Hoosier Democrats, we won't vote against our GLBTQ supporters, but we won't vote to favor of our GLBTQ supporters either..... sorta like saying we'll use that condom but forget the lube.

You know, after hearing from Baron Hill's office that they were being bombarded with e-mails and phone calls, we obviously need to keep the pressure up. Way to go guys and gals! It's working!

Keep the pressure on Ellsworth and Donnelly!

In Baron Hill's defense, he also voted yes on the Shepard Act. Hopefully his example will rub off on Donnelly and Ellsworth, especially considering he has arguably the most difficult district as well. Keep up the phone calls and e-mails, everyone!