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An overlooked plight: the problems of gay and lesbian seniors

Filed By Don Sherfick | October 10, 2007 5:25 PM | comments

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Unless Bil, Alex, and a host of other contributors to this site are just plain fibbining and/or have discovered that elusive Fountain of Youth, I'm apparently the biologically oldest of their number, getting ready to observe my 69th birthday in a couple of months and bracing myself for ribald comments when I use that number among my peers as some of them attach another meaning to it. ["What's seven times ten? Sixty-nine and you owe me one"] So be it......I just got back from picking up new glasses at an office where last week I learned that in about three years I'll be facing cateract surgery, but also in which the receptionist remarked that I "didn't look nearly that old". She made my otherwise uneventful day.

As I recall some of the recent reader statistics for Bilerico, us folks over 55 aren't all that well represented in the bar charts, and I wish sometimes a few of those who are would occasionally send in a comment or two affirming that they are out there. Maybe we can trade thoughts on where the best deals on Depends are. Or maybe how best to cut those little blue Viagra pills in half to make dollars go further.

Which brings me to call the attention of you youger GLBTQ folks out there to this piece in the New York Times about how gay and lesbian elders, particularly those whose lives have remained closeted or nearly so, experience in nursing homes and in other circumstances. Hopefully I have a few years to go before being anywhere near such circumstances, and am fortunate to have both a partner and supportive, knowledgable family to avoid such circumstances when and if the time comes for me. The article talks about increasing awareness of the overlooked plight of many gay and lesbian seniors. Hopefully you'll help spread that awareness in your own world.......if for no other reason that one day you certainly will... find that world has become yours, too.

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I always heard this in a slightly different way...

["What's seven times ten? Sixty-nine and you owe me one"]

I always heard that was called a 68. "You do me and I'll owe you one..."

I'd like to know how many seniors read the site too, Don. I hope some of them comment.

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | October 11, 2007 10:15 PM

Yeah, I think you are right about the 68 versus my 70 version, but it may boil down to who is the owee/dooee versus who is the ower/doer...or something like that.

After being posted 24 hours no other comments other than yours, Bil. Perhaps absence of evidence of anbody over 55 in our readership is indeed evidence of absence. Perhaps a sad commentary concerning young LGBT attitudes. As John Adams sang in "1776": Is anybody there? Does anybody care?