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And just as I post about Giuliani....

Filed By Alex Blaze | October 29, 2007 11:55 AM | comments

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Just as I post about Giuliani being pro-choice, as he was when he was mayor of NYC, and semi-pro gay rights, I notice this story saying that Brownback is comfortable with Rudy on abortion:

Standing just outside his Senate office suite next to Giuliani, Brownback, an ardent abortion opponent, said twice that he was “much more comfortable” with his former rival’s stance on what he called the issue “of life.”

“He’s talked about a number of key pieces of what a president would have, whether it’s funding, appointments on the court, I’m much more comfortable with that,” Brownback said.

So he's trying to become anti-choice without looking like a flip-flopper.

I still don't think he needs to considering he was already the front-runner and doing well among white evangelicals even though the media narrative on him is that he's the pro-choice Republican candidate. Either he's worried the further scrutiny and attack ads will change that position, or he's just falling in line with the other Republicans because he thinks he can't win without doing so.

Too bad, because I was really hoping that he'd slap the Religious Right in the face if he won.

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