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Because unmarried women can't have children

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Sometimes we get the funniest press releases... Would any of our readers happen to know Swedish?

You have to get it all in one take and it's a little long for the front page. Check it out after the jump. After all, it's fresh off the tip line... *snickers*

World Congress of Families Warns Sweden Against Same-Sex Marriage

WASHINGTON, Oct. 11 - World Congress of Families Global Coordinator Allan Carlson cautioned Sweden against adopting same-sex marriage, saying it would "accelerate the precipitous decline of the Swedish family."

The Scandinavian nation, which has had civil partnerships for gays since 1995, is now considering homosexual marriage. A parliamentary committee studying the change is expected to issue its report early next year.

Opinion polls show only 46% of Swedes favor same-sex marriage, while 31% are opposed and the rest undecided.

Carlson commented: "Sweden already has the lowest marriage rate in the world, and leads the world in cohabitation. In the United States, 8% of coupled households are cohabiting. In Sweden, the figure is 28%."

"This failure to form families is having predictable consequences," Carlson observed. "While the nation's fertility rate (1.64 children per woman) is above some European nations, it's well below replacement level (2.1). Legalizing alternative marriage will further weaken the natural family."

While the nation's largest denomination, the Church of Sweden, favors the change, 10% of its priests have signed a petition urging parliament not to amend the marriage.

In response to the proposed move, the Swedish Evangelical Alliance and its project "Bevara aktenskapet" (Defend the marriage) is calling on all denominations and churches to celebrate the institution of marriage at church services on October 21. Carlson was recently interviewed on gay marriage by the Swedish Christian newspaper, Varlden idag (The World Today). This article (in Swedish) is available online at:

Wow. That press release says absolutely nothing. The best (and first mentioned) supporting document is in Swedish and the logic is simply whacked. "You already suck, but if you do this you'll suck even worse! Get to church and make some babies!"

Yeah, thanks tip line!

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