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Dennis Miller's Gay Candy

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During a recent edition of The O'Reilly Factor, Dennis Miller and Bill O'Reilly discussed J.K. Rowling's outing of Albus Dumbledore:

MILLER: No, I shouldn't be surprised that Dumbledore was gay. I noticed how his wand seemed to shake every time the fairies came around.

But the simple fact is, I don't need to know that Dumbledore is gay. I'm bored with people's sexuality. I could care less about anybody's sexuality, all right? I don't care if Huck Finn was a he-she. I dug the book.

I don't like Atticus Finch 'cause he was straight; I like him 'cause he was straight-laced.

O'REILLY: All right, but here's the issue.

MILLER: And, you know, I guess --

O'REILLY: Here's -- you can talk about this on your radio show tomorrow. There are millions of Americans who feel that the media and the educational system is trying to indoctrinate their children to a certain way of life, and that includes parity for homosexuals with heterosexuals.

And that's what this Rowling thing is all about, because she sells so many books. So many kids read it, that she comes out and says, "Oh, Dumbledore is gay, and that's great." And this -- it's another in the indoctrination thing. That's what the belief system is among some Americans.

MILLER: I'll be honest with you. I don't think you can indoctrinate a kid into being gay. You might indoctrinate him into trying it once and him going, "I guess I'm not gay."

The gay agenda strikes again! If you want some straight candy, forget bars... go to Barnes and Noble's Harry Potter section and hang out. If ya want to see me, I'll be over in the Huck Finn section.

H/T to Media Matters

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Marla R. Stevens Marla R. Stevens | October 25, 2007 7:34 PM

You and Becky Thatcher? It certainly explains why Huck had all that family trouble. Is reassignment surgery what all that journey analogy adds up to? And I've always thought that Tom was really a baby butch in disguise! But where does this lead Jim? Did Huck disclose or is she forever stuck on a raft just waiting for the right moment?

Shout-out to Bill-O': Parity? That would be setting our sights a bit low, wouldn't it?

Gotta love Faux News and the ubiquitous "some americans/people," phrase they always use. It's the modern day equivalent of Nixon's "Silent Majority."

Rowling simply answered a fan's question honestly. It's an interesting fact that sheds new light on the character, but overall, it's not a big deal. The average kid probably won't be thinking "Dumbledore had a thing for another guy, so why shouldn't I?" when reading the books.

It's only being kept in the spotlight by the likes of Bill O and others who sense that THEY can make money from it.

The average kid probably won't be thinking "Dumbledore had a thing for another guy, so why shouldn't I?" when reading the books.

Oh, I can only wish.

But instead a bunch of gay kids read books with all-straight characters, all the time, and think, "Everyone here is straight, so why am I not?" Indoctrinating kids into heterosexuality, I tell you.

I don't watch Fox and it's no news that O'Reilly is a pompous, bigoted, homophobic jerk. But, Dennis Miller has a huge conservative fan base, so I'm glad viewers got to a hear his more tolerant perspective on things.

Does that mean the "gay lobby" will start handing out Potter books instead of toasters for new converts to our "agenda"?

If I new all it took was reading a book to make someone gay, I would have drug a couple of those football jocks to the library in high school...

I agree with Tom, though personally I think Dennis Miller stopped being funny about a year after he left Saturday Night Live. Conservatives are a lot of things, but funny usually isn't one of them. Case in point.

Marla R. Stevens | October 28, 2007 3:38 AM

Some of the better comments I've found on Bill-O going quackers over Dumbledore:

1. bill O’reilly is worried about what fictional characters do in their spare time.
Well, I’m worried about james bonds’ cholesterol level. Why wont he have me on to discuss?
2. no one had to indoctrinate J. Edgar Hoover.
who “indoctrinated” Mark Foley?
who “indoctrinated” Larry Craig?
who “indoctrinated” all those Catholic priests in the 50? and 60’s?
Explain please, Bill, how any homosexuality existed prior to the emergence of these “agenda” people you use to frighten and titilate your mouth-breather audience.
3. Think Billo needs something like a fictional veto to make himself relevant in regards to fictional characters?
4. ‘I wanna marry the goat.’” [Radio Factor, 04/13/05]
Er, ah, Bill 0 IQ, that sounds like projection to me.
5. Hey Bill, if you are so close to being a homosexual that a fictional character can push you over the edge, or “indoctrinate” you. You’re already gay, just in denial.
6. “Larry Craig wasn’t “overtly gay” in the Senate.”
umm… I have to beg to differ on this one… that whole “Naughty naughty boy” thing duing the clinton years was pretty freakin gay!
7. I think he has a thing for Hagrid
8. I’m now awaiting a full Ph.D. Dissertation by Mr. O’Reilly on Bugs Bunny and what a subversive “Agent Provocateur” he has been within American culture.
Bugs is always dressing up as a woman in his cartoons, kissing Elmer Fudd on the mouth, and even seducing and tricking Elmer into marrying him. This is serious business and we need to keep a close eye on Warner Brothers.
9. What, those long flowing, colorful robes aren’t overtly gay? Oh wait, WWJW? (What Would Jesus Wear?)
10. He’ll milk this for another couple of weeks and then he’ll save Christmas again. Do people never get weary of all this?
11. Dumbledore is threatening to pre-empt the War on Christmas Season. Those diabolical gay provacateurs!
12. Uh-oh… did we blow the whole operation?
13. Blow the whole operation? Sounds like a job for the Republicans. :)
14. Did Rush loan Bill one of his prescriptions?
But then again this is on Faux, that thinks Al Qaeda is running in American Forests with Bic lighters of mass destruction.
15. “Although those wizards, I’m very very suspicious about what they’re doing in their spare time.”
And right well you should be, little billy, we’re lurking behind the dresses in your closet, and underneath the basement stairs, and yes, verily , under your very bed!
16. I just hope Bill never finds out the truth about those hobbits.
17. O’Reilly is clearly clueless about the gay community in general. He also, of course sees it as a some monolithic thing when the whole point of the GBLT community is difference. For example: Some people, and I suspect Dumbledore maybe be one of them, are only Gay on Tuesdays.
18. Now that you mention it, when I was a kid, I always wondered what my GI Joes and toy soldiers were up to when I wasn’t around… I used to try to sneak up on them and catch them doing whatever they did in their spare time. Never worked. I guess their sentry system was too sophisticated for me to breach.
I wonder what that GI Joe is doing right now…
19. By going after Dumbledore, O’Reilly is demonstrating how necessary Rowling’s message of tolerance still is.
I’d think more of the necessity of physical restraints, prefrontal lobotomy, or even pithing…..
20. At least Dumbledore’s Army won’t have any insipid “don’t ask, don’t tell” policies…
21. There is a restaurant in Harlem Bill-O should visit run by Hogwarts School of Witchcraft alumni. He will be surprised to learn they don’t serve bugs and worms and the waiters are not purple Teletubbies.
22. Bill’s completely unhinged. I’m not sure he can see the line between fiction and reality anymore (if he ever could). Perhaps next week he’ll call for GWB to assign Jack Bauer and CTU to take down this terrorist cell called Hogwarts.
23. I’m waiting for Bill-o to call Jack Bauer a coward because he won’t appear on the Factor. I’m sure O’Reilly has been instructing his producers to try to book an interview with Bauer for months.
24. If o’stupid is acting this way about the fictional character of Dumbledor’s sexuality, I wonder how he would feel about Anne Rice making Sleeping Beauty into a sex slave?
25. I’d much rather have my oldest daughter read about a fictional gay wizard, than be harassed by an older man who is masturbating with a vibrator while describing intimately what he’d do with a falafel in the shower.
26. “I only got married as a taunt toward gay men because they couldn’t.”
- candidate STEPHEN COLBERT on meet the press…
27. And so far that’s the only argument I’ve heard against gay marriage that makes any logical sense whatsoever.
28. I wonder what Bill O thinks of all the gay references about Christmas:
God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay…. what do you think those men were doing to be merry?
An angel said to certain poor shepherds in fields where they lay….. men laying in the field, hmmmm.
Don we now our gay apparel
29. Jesus loved his fellow man: Romans 13:10
30. I want to see this gay agenda… I want undercover footage from a meeting where gays are drawing up this agenda
31. Bill O isn’t gay -- just a sexually insecure pervert in denial.
32. The Gay Agenda (Monday through Friday only)
1. Get up.
2. Shower.
3. Get dressed.
4. Make coffee.
5. Go to work.
6. Have lunch.
7. Go home.
8. Do chores.
9. Eat dinner.
10. Watch tv with SO.
11. Go to bed.
Verrrrrrrry, verrrrrrrry sinister doings, indeed. *eyeroll*
I’m a’skeered.
33. One can be indoctrinated into being gay!? Wow!
How come I didn’t know that?
I better be careful from now on; who knows how many other ways there might be for luring me into the gay lifestyle…
/sarcasm off
34. America’s Best Christian, Ms. Betty Bowers, clearly set out the dreaded homosexual agenda several years ago.
Follow the link and read it for yourself!!
35. I followed your link. Quote from the first paragraph:
“As every Christian knows, there is only one enemy that threatens our entire civilization”
So does that mean that Al Q is all homosexuals or that Al Q is a ruse ?
36. “The Homosexual Agenda is much like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, only it describes the Gay Plot to Achieve World Domination. The difference is that the Moral Orels are too lazy to actually forge the document. Suffice it to say that the Secret Cabal of Homos intend for all straight men to be forced to give up their pickup trucks and listen to Judy Garland records.” -- gummich
37. Why are “pro-business” Republicans so concerned about her generating controversy to sell a few books?
38. Wonder what O’Falafel wants to do with that MAGIC WAND?
39. I think Bill O’Reilly suffers a permanent confundus charm!