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Ex-Gay = Ex-Wife

Filed By Michael Crawford | October 10, 2007 1:30 PM | comments

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National Coming Out Day is tomorrow. In preparation for the day, Truth Wins OUT and its amazing executive director Wayne Besen have released a new video that tells the story of four courageous women who married closeted gay men. They had no idea that their husbands were "ex-gay" and the experience was traumatizing.

In this exclusive National Coming Out Day video, these survivors warn about the harm done by ex-gay programs that promote marriage as a cure for homosexuality - whether explicitly or implicity. Not only do these marriages almost always fail, but they hurt the innocent spouses and children and treat them as props or collateral damage. While ex-gay organizations, such as Exodus and Focus on the Family, love to show the wedding pictures, they never show you the divorce papers. This video is a powerful reality check and a warning for those who would marry thinking that it will help them go from gay to straight.

Truth Wins OUT is a non-profit think tank and educational organization that counters right wing disinformation campaigns, debunks the “ex-gay” myth, and provides accurate information about the lives of GLBT people.

Wayne is the author of Anything But Straight and Bash Back:Wayne Besen on GLBT People, Politics and Cuture.

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Wayne does a great job of shattering the ex-gay myths.