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Fort Lauderdale’s Mayor at it again

Filed By Waymon Hudson | October 17, 2007 6:56 PM | comments

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Just when you thought toilet-crazy Mayor Jim Naugle of Fort Lauderdale had finally shut his bigoted mouth, he is at is again. I guess he had been out of the media spotlight too long and needed some attention.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketNaugle again attacked the Stonewall Library and Archives, a unique nationally recognized institution with a mission to collect, preserve, organize for use and display, materials related to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender culture and history; and to support related research and sponsor educational opportunities. In the past Naugle has called the books in the library pornography and opposed the library's move to a private area of a public library in the city.

(Fact check for readers: the library does not contain pornography and is only available to people over 18. Any of the older, somewhat “risqué” articles and publications, which contain historically important information like some of the earliest references to HIV/AIDS and the gay rights movement, can only be viewed by appointment and for research only.)

Naugle repeated these false claims today on various local news networks, even making the claim that the library and its contents will “cause a chemical imbalance in some people’s brains and make them go out and commit sexual crimes.”

Seriously. That’s his quote.

I think any logical person can see who has the chemical imbalance here. I guess Naugle got jealous of foot-tapping conservative Larry Craig getting all the gay-hating toilet spotlight the past few days and needed to up the crazy rhetoric. Well, he certainly did that. Your move, Senator Craig…

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Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 18, 2007 8:25 AM

Craig and Naugle are a match made in a bizarro version of heaven. Most people don't think much about public bathrooms except when they have to go. Craig and Naugle can't seem to talk about anything else.

This guy is a loon. How in the hell did he get elected? Tell me it wasn't by a large majority. And when is he up for re-election? And any chance of an impeachment? :)

Yes, he is a complete loon.

Naugle is term-limited out this year (maybe that's why he has gone completely bonkers). He was never elected by a large majority. The elections are held in March of off years, so the turn-out is always low. He is also a registered democrat, even though he says his favorite President in history in Bush II and works only for Republican campaigns, which fools a lot of uninformed voters. There is talk that his whole crazy act is trying to get a pundit job (coming soon to a Fox News station near you!), but he is actually really bad at public speaking, radio, and TV.

Wow indeed.