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Larry Craig to Join Idaho Hall of Fame

Filed By Michael Crawford | October 07, 2007 7:02 AM | comments

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There are more than a few jokes that can be made about the news that Larry Craig is being inducted into the Idaho Hall of Fame. I am going to let the moment pass, but feel free to leave your own joke in the comment section.

From the New York Times:

Sen. Larry Craig has been chosen for induction into the Idaho Hall of Fame, despite his well-publicized arrest and guilty plea in an airport sex sting, officials said.

The nonprofit Idaho Hall of Fame Association picked Craig in March, months before he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after a Minneapolis airport police officer accused him of soliciting sex in the men's restroom, the organization's board chairman said.

''Larry Craig has made a great contribution to Idaho over the period of 20-some years. At the time it was considered, this other matter had not come up,'' Harry Magnuson told The Spokesman-Review newspaper Saturday.

You know the Republican Party is going to be none too happy about Craig being honored in light of his "great contribution" to the further tarnishing of the party's image. And, you know that they are going to try their best to have this honor squashed.

Since Craig said "no. no. no." to resigning his Senate seat, the Republican leadership in the Senate have threatened him with an ethics investigation that will likely provide even more fodder for comedians and bloggers for months to come.

Word has come out (ha) that some Republican senators knew about Craig's toe-tapping ways just as House Republicans and congressional staffers knew about Mark Foley's interest in teenaged pages, but kept the issue in the closet (double ha!)

Stay tuned folks. There is much more to come in the ballad of the "not gay" toe-tapping Republican senator.

Much love to Jenniloon for the tip.

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Steve Ralls Steve Ralls | October 7, 2007 9:19 AM

One of the most famous exhibits at the Museum of American History here in Washington is the display of Judy Garland's ruby slippers. Perhaps the Idaho Hall of Fame will include Larry Craig's wide stance loafers? (And were they, do we know, Pradas or Guccis?)

Larry Craig is honored for being a Senator who, when things seemed stalled, was willing to move his feet to reach across barriers in an effort to bring men together.

OMG Cindi - that had me rolling with laughter. You should meet Don Sherfick - our other resident humorist with plenty of jokes about Craig "stalling" legislation. The two of you could form a comedy team!

Good one Ms. Cindi...

How about...

He will be receiving the Ann Miller Legacy Award.......(too dated?)

I hope they roll out the red toilet paper....
(too Shecky Greene?)

Oh the glory(hole) of it all......
(too specific?)

I hope he doesn't get all flushed...
(again too Schecky?)

The award will be given in conjunction with his new book...Private Stancer..

I'll be here at the Comfort Inn Lounge all week.

jack jett

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 8, 2007 9:14 AM

Craig is providing lots of laugh and we are definitely laughing at him, not with him.

The invitation comes postmarked Hypocrisy, USA. It's one thing to be closeted. It's another thing to be closeted and cheating on your wife (if, as many sources say, he did). It's still another thing to legislate against people who do the same things you do... though many are strong and brave to be honest about it. And it is yet another thing to live in outward denial once caught.

Remember Ted Haggard? I had less problem with his preaching that he believed homosexuality was a sin than I did with his hiding his own struggle. Now, I don't agree that homosexuality is a sin, but I do think it's a sin to steal from my employer. If I were taking things and not admitting I struggled with this temptation while damning people from the pulpit for this behavior, I would be hypocritical.

And that's where it counts: if I believe it's wrong, yet I still do it, it is my responsibility to voice my own struggle rather than pretend I am somehow immune.

Larry Craig: if all of these people are wrong about you, I am truly sorry for the ridicule heaped upon you. But if the stories are true and you have same-sex attraction, please admit it. Move to a safer same-sex lifestyle, or go into some ex-gay ministry, but deal with your issues.