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Larry Craig Vows to Finish Out His Term

Filed By Ellen Andersen | October 05, 2007 9:55 AM | comments

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File this under: how can we miss you if you won't go away? Larry Craig has announced that he'll serve out the rest of his term in the Senate notwithstanding the fact that a Minnesota judge rejected his attempt to withdraw his guilty plea for disorderly conduct.

You may remember that I have some mixed emotions about the Craig debacle: glee over "more moral than thou" Republicans being exposed for their hypocrisy is warring it out with my outrage at the Minnesota Police Department's tactics, and my pity for a man who seems so scared of his sexuality that he's reduced to seeking out anonymous gay bathroom sex while loudly proclaiming his heterosexuality is warring it out with my anger that Craig has actively worked to undermine my humanity.

But overlaying all of that is my conviction that Craig has shown himself to be too stupid to be entrusted with any job that requires him to make decisions more complex than choosing a restaurant for dinner. And his most recent decision is just more evidence of that. The Republican leadership despises him and wants nothing more than to see him gone. He's been stripped of his leadership post on all committees. No one is going to work with him to pass legislation and he's sure as hell lost any institutional power in the Senate that he might have had. He can't even credibly threaten to jump ship and vote with the Democrats because he's a conservative Republican and nobody will believe him. Is he hoping to hunker down and ride out the storm? Fat chance, not in an era where the politics of sexuality is so contentious. Is he trying to set up a post-Senate career as a lobbyist? If that's the case, pissing off the Republican leadership is probably not a good idea. Really, one wonders how he even managed to make it to the Senate with political instincts like these....

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Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | October 5, 2007 1:46 PM

My own take is that he's pissed with the contrast between the way the GOP treated him versus what they did to Senator Vitter from Louisiana, the main difference of course being the party of the state governor who would be replacing him. (And, maybe too, the good old boys could relate better to a little hookup with ladies of the night more than boys in the next stall...but that's another story.) In that sense, I say...you stay, Larry!

Also many folks I talk to say his wife has pretty well demanded that the somewho "clear" himself.

As to his actions as an indication of his competency (as opposed to influence lost to being stripped of comittee assignments, etc., I guess I see enough other evidence of at least occasional personal lapses in judgement among our legislators that I'm not so sure he's any worse or better than many of them.

Larry Craig has made his own homophobic prison bed and should LIE in it until he pukes his soul out and then rots in hell with Jerry Falwell.

Jack Jett

Ellen Andersen Ellen Andersen | October 5, 2007 4:51 PM

Gosh darn it, I just lost a lengthy comment. Again. (Jeremy, is there a way to fix this problem. It's really irritating...)

Don, you might very well be right that he's irritated with the double-standard. On the other hand, I suspect he also approves of the double-standard, at least in principle. His political choices certainly scream that he approves of heterosexuality and despises homosexuality, no matter what his personal sexual peccadillos. And, to paraphrase Molly Ivins, he's got to dance with them what brung him.

As for the lapse in judgment issue, I really do think his judgment has been especially egregious. But note that I'm not talking about the anonymous bathroom sex part. That's kind of squicky imho, but it's no worse than the peccadillos of other members of Congress, and better than some. I'm talking about the judgment that led him to fail to consult a lawyer for two months, and then plead guilty to a crime in the hopes that it would just go away. That's dumb. Really really dumb. As dumb as Randy "Duke" Cunningham laminating the going rate for bribes and handing it out to lobbyists. Dumber than William Jefferson stashing $90,000 of cash in a freezer (at least he knew enough not to deposit in an American bank account.)

I looked into why your comment failed, Ellen. You'd logged into the backend to post at 10am. You went to comment at 5pm. The system keeps contributors logged in for 6 hours without requiring you to enter your password again. (It's 2 hours for registered commenters, btw.) I'm guessing you already had the page open, put in your comment and clicked submit - but the system had already logged you out. :(

I only know this because it happens to me too. LOL

Regarding losing comments:

Problems such as this happen to me so often that I have developed habits of "defensive clicking" --- specifically, before I post a lengthy comment (me? being wordy?), I highlight and copy it into my clipboard. That way it is saved in RAM by the operating system in case I need to re-post it.

Another trick is to use your browser's BACK-button to find a previous copy of the comment text window that contains a previous version of your comment. This technique works well if you "pre-view" your finished comment just before attempting to post it. If you can find such a page, then you can cut-and-paste your dissertation out of the cached page and into a new, live comment window to re-attempt the post.

And a final secret: Always be very nice to Bil and Alex, so that if you accidentally post the same comment twice, one of them will take pity on you and delete the duplicate. (Thanks, Bil and Alex, who have done this for me more times than I have bothered to count.)