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Look Who's Coming To Dinner

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According to the the National Transgender Advocacy's blog:

The National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC) is issuing a call to join numerous individuals and members of other organizations in protesting the lavish October 6th annual HRC National Dinner in Washington, DC. Representative Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, will be featured as Keynote at the event.

We are very disappointed and angry that any civil rights organization claiming to advocate for our rights can turn their backs on us when the going gets tough. It amounts to a betrayal, since HRC earlier promised to support only an inclusive ENDA.

Board Chair Ethan St Pierre said:

But this protest isn't meant to be a raucous affair. This isn't about civil disobedience, it's meant as a show of unity in the face of inequality.

NTAC Media Director ,Vanessa Edwards Foster added:

We want to ensure people note this is a non-violent protest, and that we should avoid working to our detriment by being profane or verbally attacking.

You can find out more about the protest by going to NTAC blog.

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I'd love to see a post by Ethan about this.

My partner and I are members of the HRC Federal Club and will be attending Saturday's dinner. We share your disappointment over the strategy the HRC has chosen; however, the HRC is not some black-hat, nefarious organization. Their intentions are good. I think they are trying the best they can to bring about change in the current political and social climate. Let's not tear each other down.



No, they're not. They're willfully and intentionally sacrificing transgender rights on the altar of political convenience, just like Frank and Pelosi. I'd encourage you to read Donna Rose's blog for a true insider view of how these people operate, especially her recent posts on ENDA.

There can no longer be any doubt: When it comes to passing legislation that would make a difference in people's lives, HRC cares for nothing and no one not completely in synch with the narrow, exclusive agenda of the ultra-wealthy white gay men who make up most of its Executive Board.

There's a reason why Donna Rose finally couldn't take it anymore and quit. I suggest you discover why.

Tom i think that if HRC's intentions are indeed good they are being too political and neglecting the human element in the formula.

I still stand by what i have said earlier they have exhibited this pattern before and cannot be trusted to serve in the best interest of the GLBT.

Take care
Susan Robins