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Paging Dr. Howard Dean

Filed By Michael Crawford | October 11, 2007 8:45 AM | comments

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Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean had this to say before the LGBT Caucus at the DNC winter meeting:

I’m very comfortable going to Utah and explaining why you shouldn’t be fired if you happen to be a gay person, or a lesbian, or transgender or bisexual. And transgender is part of this, too. You don’t stop, of course, without that.

In a political game of Where's Waldo, where is Howard Dean now that there is a possibility that gender identity will be stripped from ENDA and is he working to educate Democratic members of Congress on why transgender Americans should not be fired from their jobs for being transgendered?

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That is an excellent point. But Michael, don't you know... yes means no. See the text of Barney Frank's speech for more info.

Good point, Michael. I hadn't thought of that yet.

That's an easy one: Howard Dean is running scared and hiding under a rock somewhere while this is going on, just like the rest of the DNC leadership. We don't represent enough money or votes for these people to support and we never will.

How many Democratic voices do you hear rising in opposition to Barney's sellout position in ENDA? The silence is STILL deafening.

Actually, YDA (the Young Democrats) just sent out an action alert on an inclusive ENDA today or yesterday to their entire list, and it's currently the lead item on their homepage, yda DOT org.

Not the DNC, but just saying some party entities do actually have a spine on this one.