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Value Voters Summit straw poll results

Filed By Alex Blaze | October 20, 2007 4:22 PM | comments

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I'm not going to write a whole lot about this as it's Saturday night here in St. Etienne, but this weekend's Value Voters Summit, a Who's Who of homophobes, promised to end with a straw poll of whom they support for president and their top issues, and they've delivered. From Kate Sheppard:

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council comes on to announce. First, he lists the top four issues for the voters here, which they also voted on. In from top to bottom: life, marriage, tax cuts, permanent tax relief for families.

And now, the results of the straw poll. The top four, in descending order: Romney, Huckabee, Paul, and Thompson. A total of 5,576 votes were cast, and Romney topped Huckabee by a margin of just 30 votes.

I'll have more on Monday, but right off I'm surprised by the list of top issues, what with controlling women's bodies beating out gay-bashing. But I'm not at all surprised by tax cuts appearing on the Religious Right's To Do list twice. I mean, isn't that really the end for all the fear mongering, protecting the economic inequality that benefits the movement's leader?

No shock that McCain and Giuliani didn't even make the top four, but I'm surprised Huckabee isn't number one. Romney does have a whole lot more money and support right now. It makes sense, I suppose, to choose the current winner so that when he does get the nom they can claim that they were the reason it happened. I guess the fact that he's a Mormon isn't so bothersome after all.

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The results:
Huckabee: 27.2%
Ron Paul: 15 %
Fred Thompson: 9.8%
Undecided: 5.7%
Sam Brownback: 5.1%
Duncan Hunter: 2.4%
Tom Tancredo: 2.3%
Rudy Guiliani: 1.9%
John McCain: 1.4%
All Democrars combined:
less than 1%

And, btw, what does one do in St. Etienne on Saturday night? *wink*

On a Sat. night?

Well, let's see.... It's starts with "B" and rhymes with "math mouse"....

I mean we all put on a BLOUSE!!!! Gawsh, R., get your mind out of the gutter!

Seriously, I just got my drunk on after I posted here. Then I went downtown.

BTW, I love how Brownback, after dropping out was able to beat Rudy and McCain. DAMN!

Can you imagine a Mormon vs a Woman? What would the bigots do?