November 9, 2007

Queer music Friday - Divine

Filed by Alex Blaze | November 09, 2007 | 5:00 PM | comments

Because I feel like it, Divine's cover of the Four Seasons' "Walk like a Man":...Read More

The Hug Thug's back

Filed by Alex Blaze | November 09, 2007 | 2:46 PM | comments

Richard Cohen (the ex-gay dude who was on The Daily Show and CNN saying that hugging someone of the same sex and hitting a pillow with a tennis racket can make straight) has a new book out, Gay Children, Straight...Read More

Coming out of a Heterosexual Marriage

Filed by Michele O'Mara | November 09, 2007 | 12:37 PM | comments

Coming out is a challenging process, whether you are 15, 21, or 50. The first step toward “coming out” is self-awareness or recognition of having feelings of attraction for persons of the same sex. This awareness may lead to confusion,...Read More

What Next?

Filed by Marti Abernathey | November 09, 2007 | 11:22 AM | comments

Last night I wrote a friend a rant that was full of expletives and frustration. Most of my disgruntlement was from the Wednesday's passage in the House of Representatives of the sexual orientation only Employment Non-Discrimination Act. It was a...Read More

I don't need a straight man's history book

Filed by Alex Blaze | November 09, 2007 | 10:58 AM | comments

Tom Brokaw's new history book, Boom!: Voices of the Sixties: Personal Reflections on the '60s and Today, is a 700-page tome on how the 60's affected our lives today. And it completely ignores us in our movements' most formative time...Read More

Anxiety Attack

Filed by Fannie Fierce | November 09, 2007 | 10:34 AM | comments

Dear Fannie, I've got a girlfriend. All the other girls I've dated have been long distance or some variation of not really girls (one closet MTF who didn't want to be seen as a girl just yet, and one...Read More

Media narratives are hard things to break

Filed by Alex Blaze | November 09, 2007 | 10:30 AM | comments

You know, when Pat Robertson endorses a presidential campaign and the candidate giddily accepts that endorsement, said candidate cannot be called "moderate" on gay rights or pro-choice. But not to the beltway pundits. Here's a segment from Hardball where Chris...Read More


Congratulations to Joe.My.God.

Filed by Bil Browning | November 09, 2007 | 9:45 AM | comments

Well, voting is closed. It looks like the winner of the 2007 Weblog Award for Best LGBT Blog is Joe.My.God. We came in 2nd place. Not too shabby for a blog that just re-launched nationally in July, eh? And if...Read More

WTB: Writers' strike

Filed by Michael Buckley | November 09, 2007 | 9:44 AM | comments

I'm on strike?!...Read More

Landmark Guidelines for Transgender Vets' Care

Filed by Steve Ralls | November 09, 2007 | 9:36 AM | comments

Just in time for Veterans Day, the Veteran Affairs (VA) Boston Healthcare System has issued a landmark memo to its employees about providing quality care to transgender veterans who use the medical facility. According to Bay Windows, "The memo mandates...Read More


Homotextual: Barney Frank

Filed by Ed Team | November 09, 2007 | 7:35 AM | comments

“Nobody knows what happens later on with this bill, but tonight and tomorrow morning there are millions of Americans – young and old – who are going to say, ‘You know what? My country doesn’t hate me. Maybe I’m not...Read More

YGST: Think Equal

Filed by Bil Browning | November 09, 2007 | 7:15 AM | comments

I hadn't seen the New Jersey pro-marriage ad that Alex posted yesterday. Thanks to Sara's Suburban Lesbian Housewife blog, I found three other ads that spoof the Mac vs PC commercials. I'm sure we'll post the others eventually, but...Read More