November 15, 2007

Obama adds 'gay' to stump speech

Filed by Guest Blogger | November 15, 2007 | 9:23 PM | comments

[EDITOR'S NOTE:] This guest post is written by Cynthia Laird. Cynthia is news editor of the San Francisco Bay Area Reporter. This is her first post for the Bilerico Project. Photo credit to Bill Wilson (click to enlarge). Presidential candidate...Read More

The Christmas classics revisited: Prostie the Snowman

Filed by Bil Browning | November 15, 2007 | 4:20 PM | comments

Okay, so maybe Bill O'Reilly is on to something... Santas in Australia's largest city have been told not to use Father Christmas's traditional "ho ho ho" greeting because it may be offensive to women, it was reported Thursday. Sydney's Santa...Read More

I <3 American Family Association

Filed by Dustin Kight | November 15, 2007 | 4:05 PM | comments

As part of my job, I keep an eye on the conservative "family" groups out there. They spew a lot of hate, especially via emails intended for their members eyes only. These folks have A LOT of money. Anybody who...Read More

Bibles, Sex Kits and Goldfish - Oh My!

Filed by Sara Whitman | November 15, 2007 | 2:25 PM | comments

When I was a kid and my family traveled, I had a thing about bathrooms. I had to see as many bathrooms as I could. I didn’t really need to go but loved looking at the design, how some had...Read More

WTB: A-hole of the week

Filed by Michael Buckley | November 15, 2007 | 1:14 PM | comments

Who's A-hole of the week? My nominees: Oprah Winfrey Entertainment Tonight Bill O'Reilly...Read More

Mark Foley's Hollywood Comeback

Filed by Steve Ralls | November 15, 2007 | 9:29 AM | comments

Los Angeles: Beaches, boys, bars . . . . . . so can Mark Foley be far behind? Not at all, according to The Washington Post. Post blogger Mary Ann Akers reports this morning that America's most famous instant messenger...Read More

What is Hillary Really Thinking?

Filed by Storm Bear | November 15, 2007 | 9:27 AM | comments

click to enlarge This must have been "pile-on week" for Hillary. No one runs a perfect campaign and the longer a campaign goes without a bump, the larger the faux pas will seem when it does happen. Concerning the...Read More

Ex-gays: They've come a long way

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[EDITOR'S NOTE:] This guest post comes to us from Jim Burroway of Box Turtle Bulletin. Jim is an expert in the ex-gay movement. I have the deepest respect for Jim and appreciate his post about the inner workings of Love...Read More


Homotextual: Barney Frank

Filed by Ed Team | November 15, 2007 | 7:30 AM | comments

"Based on my work with her on issues involving discrimination, I am convinced that Hillary Clinton is the candidate best equipped to pass laws that will treat all Americans with dignity, fairness and equality, no matter who they are or...Read More

YGST: Tom Tancredo wants to be elected mall security guard

Filed by Bil Browning | November 15, 2007 | 7:18 AM | comments

When he says the terrorists have already infiltrated our country, do you think he's meaning the home grown mostly white, Christian supremacist groups? You know, the ones who bomb abortion clinics or federal buildings? Yeah. Me either....Read More

The Rebecca Juro Show Returns From Hiatus With Guest Bilerico Project Founder And Publisher Bil Browning

Filed by Rebecca Juro | November 15, 2007 | 12:58 AM | comments

Thursday, November 15th, 2007 7-9pm Eastern, 4-6pm Pacific That's right, we're back, with fresh coat of paint and ready to kick some butt! This week, we'll talk to Bil Browning about the Bilerico Project, one of the most popular LGBT...Read More