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Bill O'Reilly takes on cute teens

Filed By Alex Blaze | November 08, 2007 7:58 PM | comments

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Waukegan High School in Wisconsin voted a lesbian couple "Cutest Couple" for their yearbook this year. And they're definitely cute! So who could have a problem with this?

Bill "Everybody's got to relax on all this gay stuff" O'Reilly, that's who. He said this past Wednesday on his show:

I believe, based upon our investigation of this Weekaugan High School deal -- and the picture, and put up the picture again of these students -- that the kids voted this couple the cutest couple to tweak the adults, Doctor, to cause trouble, to make an issue of the yearbook.[...]

This is inappropriate. You do not define yourself in a high school yearbook in a sexual way.[...]

[T]hat's the old argument. Let's legalize drugs because it happens anyway. There's got to be boundaries.

And those are just my top three picks for Craziest Quotation from that segment. The whole crazy transcript and video are at Media Matters.

But does Bill have to hate on high school students? Picking on a couple of 17-year-olds is reprehensible (even though, unlike Don Imus picking on college students, the mainstream media isn't even going to notice this).

But if Bill O'Reilly can see such ugliness in the Cutest Couple, you've got to wonder how homophobes see the unCutest among us.

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Poor baby! Bill cries looking back at high school - no one ever called him the cutest anything. Not even his mother.

What I think is so telling is that when it comes to a heterosexual couple, O'Reilly would just consider them "cute." But when it comes to the "cute couple", then it has to do with sex.

Alex, you so beat me to the punch. I was gonna post the video of O'Reilly shit talking a couple of teenagers.

This guy is such an asshole!

I heard Bill's segment.

Although I didn't agree with much that he had to say, he is actually a breath of fresh air against most of the other conservative talk show hosts. He said a lot of very positive things. You don't get that from Michael Savage.

Instead of hating Bill, we should try to email him and start a dialogue. He almost seems like he could change and be a bit more open minded.

Unfortunatly, our community isn't very open minded.