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Filed By Bil Browning | November 26, 2007 4:10 PM | comments

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We're handing out our few remaining invitations sparingly as we search for the most interesting people to join us here at the Bilerico Project. Today I can announce a new member of the Bilerico team that we're confident you'll enjoy.

Allow me to introduce Chuck Wolfe. Chuck is the president and CEO of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and Leadership Institute, where he directs a team of political, development and communications professionals whose aim is to recruit, train and support openly LGBT elected and appointed leaders. Since joining the Victory staff in 2003, Wolfe and his team have seen the number of out LGBT officials rise markedly across the U.S.

As always, contributors here at the Project are blogging on their own and not for any organization or publication they might work for. This keeps the perspectives here personal and allows them to talk about issues that fall out of the scope of their professional work.

Please join me in welcoming Chuck to the Bilerico Project. He's one of us now!

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Welcome, Chuck!

Goodness, another org person...

At some point we should consider a match up between org people and non-org people. We could be traditional -- flag football or something -- or go super gay -- cake decorating contest, anyone?

In either case, I'm going to bet the non-org people will win, and I say that as an org person, myself. There's just something about being a "professional homosexual," as they say, that makes you more cautious. Sometimes too cautious for our own good ;)

Are you kidding, Dustin? Org people will kick non-org butt! Okay, I'm kidding actually. I played flag football on the mall in DC for about five minutes one day and hurt myself.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | November 27, 2007 8:22 AM

Welcome Chuck! Thanks for the great work that you do at the Victory Fund. God knows we need more openly LGBT elected officials.

Welcome to the team, Chuck!

And I think non-org people outnumber org people. Not that I've counted or anything. But something tells me that the lesbians on the site could kick all of our asses ;)

Welcome, Chuck! Glad you have joined us.

Best piece of advice - have a good time with it. A casual and conversational style will generate the best comments and return readership.

Welcome to the family, Chuck! Glad to have you onboard!

And for the record, we org folks may be less in number, but we would clean the floor with the non-orgers (I am just making up terms now... LOL).

I may be a "professional homosexual", but I can still get down and dirty with the best of them. :)

But seriously, a warm welcome to Chuck and a huge thank you for the great work he and the Victory Fund does.