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Fun with Google Analytics

Filed By Alex Blaze | November 04, 2007 5:53 PM | comments

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Above is a graphic of where people reading the Bilerico Project, from Sunday to Saturday of last week, are from, courtesy of Google Analytics. Darker areas mean more unique visitors.

California is bringing us the most unique visitors, with Indiana a close second. Third is New York State, followed not so closely by Florida, Virginia, Washington, Massachusetts, Colorado, Texas, and Pennsylvania, in that order.

Read here my post about this same Google Analytics map for the second week of September.

A big change since I posted that other map is that there is a whole lot more international readers. Canada was most represented foreign country, the Great Britain and France, tied, and then Australia, followed by Ireland.

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Hi Alex...
Looks like The Bilerico Project is still rather
Californicated. (yes that is a word.)

I'd say the Californication's increasing. This is the first full week that I checked where Indiana wasn't the #1 state there. (We started as an Indiana webpage, and many of our contributors, like Bil, Jerame, Marti, Ellen, Don, Jen, and Michele, live in Indiana, and Bruce and I just moved away from there.)

That's what I found interesting. That and the fact that the Indiana audience has actually increased in raw numbers from before the site changed formats to national issues, but decreased dramatically as a percentage of total readers.

I'd still like to see more North Dakotans on the site! Any North Dakotans reading this thread? Where's everyone from?