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Guilty pleasures open thread

Filed By Sara Whitman | November 29, 2007 10:30 AM | comments

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We all have one, right?

Last night, Jeanine took the kids to a concert at Berklee College of Music. I'm sure it was wonderful as Stephen Webber is an amazing musician and the premier expert on turntables. He, quite literally, wrote the book.

Me? I stayed home. I did my work - yes, the passport applications are all filled out - and then? I indulged in my most favorite guilty pleasure.


I have three delivered daily, even though I don't always get to read them. I love the paper. Not the internet, not news flashes, and never television news. I love newsprint.

So while my boys get some culture, I have had the chance to go through every page of the New York Times, Boston Globe and Wall Street Journal.

Hey, it's better than ice cream.

What's your guilty pleasure? What you do when no one is around, the kids are out, and you have a couple hours all to yourself?

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Believe it or not - laundry.

I hate it when it's forced on me as a chore. "We need laundry - Get to it!" I rebel. But when there's no timeline, I kind of like the monotony of folding clothes, sorting dirty laundry, and the rhythmic motions of loading and unloading the appliances. It takes me all through the house - from the basement to the top floor so I get to wander the house.

Come to think of it, housework is my guilty pleasure. When left alone I usually do things like sweep and mop, vacuum, dust and do laundry. I guess the "guilt" part is that I'm not supposed to actually like working. :)

I need a better guilty pleasure.

Wow, Bil. That's sad. JK. Whatever floats your boat.

For me, it's an 8-piece box of Godiva truffles, a bottle of cheap chardonnay, and a hot tub full of bubble bath. I eat chocolates and get drunk in the tub until I'm all pruny. It's awesome!

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | November 29, 2007 1:42 PM

Oh, truffles and a hot bath! Wish it was possible in my tiny studio in Dublin with a bathroom barely big enough to turn around in with the door closed. (Needless to say, there's a shower, not bath.)

I'm a news junkie, too, so I understand the newspapers though I no longer read them, preferring online news. So, I guess my guilty pleasure might be...surfing the net--my favourite blogs and news sites--while listening to News Talk 106 Wide Angle, drinking espresso and eating french toast on a Sunday morning of a 3-day weekend with Monday off.

What geeks we are, Sara!!!

The really good ones I have have been forced to give up. Like home made ice cream from raw cream. I can't drink pasteurized milk or cream i am allergic to it.

Raw salmon lightly warmed with a dash of lemon.

I miss both of them a lot.

these days a warm bubble bath with a bottle of whine Cabernet Sauvignon my battery powered radio and an hour of time all to myself.

Sue Robins

Bil, come to my house for a week. Please?

And Brynn, it's even more pathetic- I'll read old newspapers. Years old. When I was in Maine over Thanksgiving, I was reading a New Yorker Magazine from 1927.


I'm shocked Alex. No porn? Or you just don't feel guilty about that?

LMAO - You can tell Serena knows Alex. *laughs*

Sara, I'm all booked up. The amount of free-time is limited. :)


Not guilty about the porn, but maybe I should feel guilty about enjoying the preview at :(

It's everything I make fun of about the gay porn industry wrapped into one webpage. But I've never paid them anything!

Oh, er, I think I have the worst guilty pleasure here. Mea culpa!


Seriously, with all the colorful stories you tell about your life, I was really expecting something better.

Ah, but the question was about "guilty" pleasures, Alex. *grins* I never said I felt guilty about any of my escapades (or I wouldn't have told you about them! LOL).

Sara - I'm going to fight you for Bil!!!! :)

Ahh, I do love an escapade. Cheers to that!

Everyone on this blog knows my guilty pleasure --- posting a silly, over-the-top, or non sequitor comment on this blog! ... And yes, I usually do feel guilty about it later...

(BTW, I used to love escapades. I coveted having a new, shiny, solid black one. But now, at $3 per gallon, I realize they use too much gasoline. *sigh*)