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Homophobic prosecutor decided he doesn't have to follow the law

Filed By Alex Blaze | November 28, 2007 7:20 AM | comments

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Phill Kline, the former Kansas AG who made a name for himself by filing wacky suits against abortion providers and the state governor to harass them, is back in the news again. Only this time, he's the one breaking the law.

You may remember him as the prosecutor behind the protracted fight in Limon v. Kansas. That's the case where the state wanted to send an 18-year-old boy to prison for over 17 years for giving a blow job to a 15-year-old boy while they were both living in the same assisted living home for the developmentally disabled, even though he would have only gotten several months (and not had to register as a sex offender) if one of them was female.

And Kline kept on trucking to get the sentence to stick, even after the Lawrence decision, even after the Supreme Court said it wouldn't hear the case and told the Kansas Supreme Court to look to the precedent set in Lawrence, even after an appellate court judge said of the state's case, "I’m just trying to come up with a reason, other than you don’t like homosexuals", and after Limon had been in prison for five years. Because getting a blow job, consensually, from someone almost your same age is traumatizing enough to justify imprisoning the kid until he's in he's 36.

But now it seems that Kline's under the impression that the law doesn't apply to him.

This started after he got booted out of office by the voters who preferred the pro-choice Johnson County prosecutor, and Johnson County took on Kline as a replacement for the guy who replaced him, even though Kline doesn't live in Johnson County. A local TV station started to investigate him since he wasn't working all too hard:

An investigation started in January of this year first uncovered--after a lawsuit due to Johnson County refusing to cooperate--that Phil Kline is making $147,000 per year while only working an average of 29 hours per week.

There are also 6 weeks worth of information that was not included because Johnson County claims "sometimes the system purges information."

Ah, those systems! They just delete key information that the media wants on corrupt civil servants! You know how those systems can be.... Ha. Ha.... Right?

$147K is a lot of money to be making for a job he shouldn't even have in the first place. I guess yucking it up with Bill O'Reilly about how Matthew Limon is a threat to children everywhere, how applying the same laws straight people follow to Limon would legalize gay marriage and open the floodgates on pedophilia, and how doctors who provide abortions are "baby killers" just doesn't pay the rent in Topeka anymore.

Well, anyway, now the same local news station has found out that his Johnson County living arrangements are a sham:

So KCTV 5 began to dig even further to find out where Phil spends his time.

Law requires that Phil Kline reside in Johnson County, where he serves as DA. If he doesn't he must "resign or be removed from office."

After weeks of staking out a crummy apartment--located on top of a storage facility owned by Phil Kline supporters where he pays $400 per month--KCTV5 never once saw Mr. Kline or his wife come home to the apartment.

Then after following Mr. Kline and his wife on camera numerous times from work they found both Phil Kline and his wife driving to Topeka and staying at a residence they own there. His wife also regularly picks up his daughter from a Topeka school and she too stays at the Topeka home with her parents.

Again, the law requires Phil Kline not just rent or own property in Johnson County but also reside in that property.

Of course he doesn't want to live in that bad apartment! It's all the way in Johnson County, and who do you think Phill Kline is? Some bumpkin out in the country? Part of the riff-raff who has to follow the law? A commoner?

It's obvious what these sorts think of the law - the letter and the spirit mean nothing, it's just a tool to put people they don't like in prison and keep them there. The worst thing is that he's going to keep on getting jobs as a prosecutor, it seems, because his wackiness is proof to some that he's tough on crime.

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"Tough on crime?" Or "above the law?" Hard choice.