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I'm off to see the ex-gay wizard (and a few evil witches)

Filed By Bil Browning | November 03, 2007 7:05 AM | comments

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Today is the day. My new friend Ryan McCann of the Indiana Family Institute challenged me to attend Love WON Out, the ex-gay reparative therapy conference, and I'm up and getting ready to go. Wish me luck.

It looks like I'll know a few people after all! Indianapolis PFLAG will be protesting outside of the conference between 7:30am - 8:30am. While repressed queers from all over the state (and hundreds of churchies dedicated to saving those darn homosexuals too!) will be gathering at Traders Point Church in Whitestown today, the PFLAG folks will also be gathering the clans to protest peacefully at the opening and closing of the conference. Their message is simple and direct: "Love UNITES All." They'll even provide the protest sign for you! Talk about convenient.

Unfortunately, due to the campaign, I can't attend all day as I'd planned. Instead, I'll be surfacing like a seal through an oil slick around noon or 12:30. Look for my take on the event later tonight or tomorrow. I'm taking my camera to make sure I get some pictures of the brave PFLAG moms too (I doubt they'll allow it inside the conference.)

Wish me luck. Consider this your weekend open thread on ex-gays. Anyone want to bet on how many phone numbers I'll get slipped today? I'd say at least two...

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Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | November 3, 2007 8:43 AM


You're selling yourself short. I think you are going to get more than two phone numbers.

Good luck! When my parents found out I was gay, they sent me to Love Won Out. It was a very enlightening experience, especially hearing about all of the pseudo-psychology they employ to explain homosexuality. I remember in a workshop, we were explained the roots of male homosexuality (which are different that the roots of female homosexuality). I had the classic distant father, overbearing mother... but what got me was that the variety of configurations and variations of these parental "causes" of same-sex attraction were so numerous... any family could fit into them. Which proves that... all families can make gay kids. Good job LWO... some revelation.

Also, expect a lot of phone numbers. I got a ton of numbers when I went to LWO. Granted... I was a 17 year old asian boy: prime target for the sea of upper-middle-class sexually-repressed lecherous "ex-gay." Many of whom were rice queens... which is ironic considering how a LOT of "ex-gay" men I met had asian brides. I wonder if LWO pays for shipping and handling on all mail-order brides, or just the Asian ones.

(please note: i don't mean to make light of human trafficking of women, which is a rampant problem. But evidently ex-gays are a big part of the market share.)

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | November 3, 2007 10:13 AM

I don't know, Bil......this morning as I look at the clock and realize where you are, it's sort of like watching the Space Shuttle come back to earth and those anxious moments of communcations blackout. As a non-evangelical, even I have to look upward and recite on your behalf: "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of [reparative therapy],I will fear no evil: For thou art with me." (Psalm 23)

I'm home now - I could only stay for half a day.

Total: 1 phone number and 3 e-mail addresses.

Photos and post coming soon!

One phone # and 3 emails isn't's a start anyway...

Photos? Yeah!!!

Bil, were those email addresses and phone numbers from boys or from sweet old homophobic ladies trying to hook you up with their lesbian daughters?

Because I'd like to see the "My first lesbian date" post that would come out of that....

All guys - and one of them was a Focus on the Family staffer.

You are a braver soul than I, Bil. I live maybe 6 miles from LWO Ground Zero. I fleetingly thought about going, but did not want to give them the $60, nor did I think I could get out of there in anything other than a police car.

Something about those folks just raises my blood pressure and uncovers a temper I never knew existed in me.

I look forward to your take on things.