Eric Leven

Joke of a Lifetime

Filed By Eric Leven | November 20, 2007 12:23 PM | comments

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Tags: church scandal, right wing

What do you get when a MegaChurch priest confesses to his congregation he's been sleeping with his brother's wife and fathered a child with her? Another religious scandal.

Can I finally choose how I'd like to live now, openly and honestly, without condemnation or do I have to wait another 50 years before these incidents reach... oh let's say, 1000? Will it even matter then?

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I pray someone in that church will catch a clue. This isn't the first sex scandal this guy has been in either. This shocker came out because of another sex scandal court case against the minister.

Oh, there have been sexy church scandals since before Jesus was around, and it hasn't stopped them from trying to control other people or devalue sexual freedom. "We're all sinners", even the clergy, they say.

I would hope people could make the connection between these scandals and the fact that regulating sexuality is useless, but it's beginning to look like that'll never happen. Wait 50 or 100 years for these scandals to do something, or just fight the system!