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Filed By Bil Browning | November 10, 2007 11:20 AM | comments

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I've had fun over the past few weeks since our re-launch watching what other bloggers are saying about The Bilerico Project. When we were announced as a finalist for the 2007 Weblog Awards, the blogosphere lit up with those one sentence clips to describe us. I thought I'd gather some of them here for reference. Anyhow, indulge me in a post that's more for us than the readers. *grins* If you know of any other clips I should know about, leave them in the comments please.

  • "The Bilerico Project Blog has turned out to be an important LGBT resource." -- SquarePegz
  • "Smart...intelligent...well written...those are just a few of the words we can say about The Bilerico Project." -- Best Gay Blogs
  • "...notorious nut-job hate site" -- Circle City Pundit
  • "Think of The Bilerico Project as the love child created if The Huffington Post and our infamous "gay agenda" were to mate." -- Scott-O-Rama
  • "If it matters to the LGBT community, its being discussed on Bilerico." -- Left of Centrist
  • "Indiana's best GLBT blog, even if they are, like, totally famous now." -- Blue Indiana
  • "...the web’s leading LGBT blog forum" -- The Homo Politico
  • "The Project is a real effort to unite our community, granting a place for a wide variety of folks to meet, talk, dialog and learn." -- BlogActive
  • "Bilerico is a gay P.C. spinzone" -- Citizen Crain
  • "Indiana's Most Influential Political blog" -- BlogNet News
  • "I will continue to give the gay community generally, and bilerico specifically, my support..." -- Mike Kole, candidate for Indiana Secretary of State
  • ", once voted the most politically influential blog in Indiana, is growing in its national influence, especially in the LGBT blogosphere and politics." -- InterstateQ
  • "...some incredibly talented people..." -- Blog O' Queer
  • "We're looking forward to working more with The Bilerico Project team in the future..." -- HRC Back Story
  • "If you’re not reading Bilerico daily, you should be" -- TransAdvocate
  • "Bilerico is where the LGBT political opinion action is happening." -- Bloggernista
  • "...a group "LGBTQ" blog that includes a polyphony of nonprofit hacks and other members of the blogsoisie, as well as the periodic revelation." -- Nobody Passes

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Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | November 10, 2007 11:34 AM

My personal fav is "notorious nut-job hate site." Woo hoo! What a compliment. Keep up the great work y'all!

My fav:

"If it matters to the LGBT community, its being discussed on Bilerico." -- Left of Centrist


Congratulations, Bil and other Bilerico pioneers! Thanks for the vision and for pushing this project further. I now consider it my happy, cozy blogging home.

I'm liking the one from Circle City Pundit. Dude's been hating our site for ages, and finally someone in the comments pointed it out to Bil a month or two ago because we just plain hadn't noticed. And he still hates us all the time, and will write long screeds with graphs and junk about how he hates us. Too funny.

Hey - at least we're notorious. Our work hasn't been in vain... LOL I had to include that one in there; that guy cracks me up. I'm surprised he doesn't troll the comments here as much as he writes about us.

I don't know why, but I did check out the circle city pundit one. Probably because it is local.

I've tried to venture into sites of a different viewpoint, but usually only make it through a couple posts before I have to leave.

I realize that it is always much easier to see someone elses crap for what it is, but I really don't read this blog, nor any of the others I frequent as that hateful.

On another note, Bil, where's that insider scoop on the Love Won Out event? I'm trying to be patient...

Seriously, Bil, you gotta deliver!

I plan on having it up on Monday. I could have written it for this weekend, but posts and visitors are always down on the weekend, so I thought I'd save it.

Here's a hint for those of you reading the comments... I wasn't as disturbed as I thought I'd be.

I always say that if I've successfully pissed off at least a few people then I know I've done my job well. I think we can safely say we fully qualify on that score, and damn, ain't it great?

We stir strong emotions here, and obviously, people are paying attention. You don't beat the two-time BlogAwards Best LGBT Blog winner in votes because you're boring!