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Someone's willing to endorse Mike Huckabee

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It seems that while the rest of the Religious Right is trying to find a winner to endorse so that they look high and mighty, there's one nutty columnist who's willing to endorse a loser. Check out what Chuck Norris has to say about his man Mike:

Mike doesn't abandon his values for what's expedient. Like our Founding Fathers, he's not afraid to stand up for a Creator and against secularist beliefs. At the same time, he doesn't fear offending Christian leaders who give up their values in pursuit of electing their "team leader" just like everyone else.

Hmmmm.... I'm thinking Chuck Norris is just too big of a man for any history book. I knew that the Religious Right liked to say that the drafters of the Constitution were religious like others at their time, but I didn't know that the people who fought to be independent from a functional theocracy and form the West's first modern, democratic, secular government were now actually fighting against secularism to set up a theocracy.

But I do enjoy the dig at other Religious Righters who are too afraid to endorse a loser.

So what's the joke going to be now? Chuck Norris doesn't endorse you, he gives a rhetorical round-house kick to the face to those who didn't. Hmmmm... I think I'll leave this up to the comments.


On a different note, this endorsement, which appeared on the Huckabee for President webpage, got so many Ronbots in the comments that one Huckabee supporter said:

I understand your goal is garner support for Ron Paul. I assure you, if you would manage to get one to convert from Huck to Paul it would be a shock to us all. Most of us have been on our knees for years and prayed for God to bring us a man like Mike Huckabee. The rest have diligently researched all candidates, including Dr. Paul, and come to the logical conclusion that Gov. Huckabee is the man deserving of our support. We respect your decision to support Dr. Paul. Please, go support him....... and let us support Gov. Huckabee without the interuption.
God Bless!

They want to support a candidate through an election in peace? Oh, I so hope Huck wins the GOP bid now - he has the best supporters!

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They want to support a candidate through an election in peace? Oh, I so hope Huck wins the GOP bid now - he has the best supporters!

well we know political campaigns don't work that way. They bring out the worst in the best of us.

As fir Chuck Norris I think he has taken far too many hits to the head.

Happy Hunting;

Take Care
Susan Robins

Hey, at least someone is willing to endorse the poor bastard! Next up, Carrot Top for Kucinich and Hasselhoff for Romney (must be the hair).

They've been on their knees for years eh? Sounds like several disgraced republican legislators may be among Huck's supporters.

Huckabye? He's toast I think. Huckabee seems to want fundamentalism. It could never happen, even if Huckabilly really wanted to do it.

I don't think he does, he just wants the votes from those he thinks want one. I don't think most of them really want it that much either. He's not stupid enough to want to try to do it as POTUS, he's just stupid enough to say it when he's campaigning.

Huckleberry is too conservative on religion and too liberal on criminals and the economy and immigration.

Huckabye? Huckabee wants to have adulterers, homosexuals and rape victims stoned to death. He also wants to make alcohol and music videos illegal, and make women 2nd class citizens and to take all girls out of school.

Oops, my bad, that's another 'religion'.

Hey, anybody but the PIAPS!

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