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Think we're the best LGBT blog? Then vote.

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There's still 3 days left to vote for The Bilerico Project as Best LGBT Blog of 2007. Winning this award would solve all of my leftover childhood issues - like never being voted prom queen.

wa2007150x75ws7.jpgWhat an honor to be selected for the Academy Awards of Blogging! We've all worked hard to develop the site into a national gathering spot where you can find the best commentary on LGBT issues side by side with entertainment, advice columns and general wackiness.

We're currently in 3rd place with 13% of the vote (contributor Pam Spaulding's blog Pam's House Blend is in 2nd place). Won't you help us close the gap by voting for The Bilerico Project? You can vote every 24 hours, so even if you've already voted for us please do so again. And send your friends an e-mail about it and ask them to vote for us too! Put up a link on your MySpace or Facebook pages! Help us out! We can still win if our readers and contributors pull out the stops!

[UPDATE 1 - noon:] Thanks for voting for us! We've jumped to 23% of the vote now! Keep it up! Spam your address books with a link to the poll. Send out bulletins on MySpace! Let's do what it takes to pull this one out! Consider this practice for tomorrow's election!

[UPDATE 2 - 9pm:] Reader wjhowell lets us know that around 1pm we took 1st place in the competition thanks to all the voting today. I've checked in from time to time and we've been bouncing back and forth between 1st and 2nd place. Keep up the voting and promotions! Thanks so much!

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Zach Adamson | November 5, 2007 8:05 AM

when are you going to post about you expericenc with the love won out nut jobs?????

It's the day before the election. I've been so busy since attending that I haven't had time to write more than this. I'll most likely have it up sometime on Wednesday. I have a lot to say and don't want to rush it inbetween campaign issues.

Bil, are you sure you want to be Best LGBT Blog? ... Now be honest with us, Bil, isn't it true that this would be almost but not quite as good as being voted Prom Queen? (And getting laid later that night by the Captain of the varsity basketball team?)

Love the title:

Think we're the best LGBT blog? Then vote.

And if you don't? Then stay away from the voting page!

Hey! Bilerico's now in first place by a nose:
1276 (28.2%) - Bilerico Project
1231 (27.2% - Joe My God
975 (21.6%) - Pam's House Blend

Go team go!

Now it's a dead heat:
1459 - Bilerico
1459 - Joe

Well Bil
Y'are the best.

Take care
Sue Robins