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Video: Barney Frank on ENDA

Filed By Bil Browning | November 08, 2007 10:00 AM | comments

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Rather than me telling you what Barney had to say, I'll let him say it himself.

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Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | November 8, 2007 10:27 AM

Thanks, Bil....although I watched quite a bit of the House debate before passage yesterday, I missed Barney Frank's emotional personal statement concerning discrimination. Whatever we may or may not think concerning the unfortunate exclusion of our transgender compatriots from the current version of ENDA, I think we ought not to loose sight of his dedication to the overall fight.

I was very moved by this when I saw it last night. Particularly the support shown by other members of the house as he was finished. Regardless of where you stand on the version of the Bill that made it to the floor, it is important to recognize the significance of this vote. Frank is a brave man who deserves our thanks and support.

the unfortunate exclusion of our transgender compatriots from the current version of ENDA

Don, you say that as if there was nothing that could have been done to make ENDA inclusive. The reality is that this isn't just an "unfortunate" event -- it's a direct betrayal of trans and genderqueer people by Frank and HRC. Frank deserves neither thanks or support.

Oh well there are going to be much bigger fish for all of us to fry very soon.
seen the value of your dollars lately?

This shows Frank for the Judas Goat he is.
I may get in trouble for this but I am going to say it anyway.

Thank you Mr Frank for showing that even among the Gays and Lesbians the Transgender people are in fact the Nig%^^S of 21st century.

I hope you get what your Karma has earned you and i hope it happens soon.

I make no apologies for my anger which is beginning to become hat of mr frank and the rest of his two faced ilk.

i have already had enough for one day see Y'all later.

Susan Robins

Bruce Parker Bruce Parker | November 8, 2007 1:22 PM

What is so interesting to me is that Frank not only has betrayed transgender people, he has also betrayed gays and lesbians. It is lunacy that we hang onto these illusions that gay men and lesbians are not persecuted because of their gender identities. It really hits on the deep gender phobia that is so ingrained within these communities. If you are doubting why don't you head over to any gay male personals site and read how many of the gay men on there describe themselves as "real men" and say they are only seeking other "real men." Having dated some of those real men it is pretty clear to me that they are indeed pretty gay particularly when they are begging to be fucked.

I think Barney Frank is silly. I think that for us to allow ourselves to get emotionally invested in his speech is a "suspension of disbelief" of the highest order. The idea that he feels a responsility to gay youth tells me nothing meaningful. When I was being picked on in school and called fag it wasn't because I was gay. I hadn't slept with anyone at that point. It was because I was not straight acting. SNAP OUT OF IT BARNEY.

The whole idea that he feels like he is not safe from homophobia is also pure silliness on his part. High profile queer people die all the time because of who they are. Clearly Rep. Frank has lost sight of reality - not just on the ground but also his own.

Bruce Parker Bruce Parker | November 8, 2007 1:24 PM

Oh and while I am at it.


Racial comparisons do so little to help us or people of color move forward. Experiences can be valid without being compared to other experiences. I don't think it is a fruitful approach and I think it is pretty sad for us to try to claim a black experience. Our issues may look similar from some angles but they are deeply different.

Well Bruce you are Not Transgender are you?

I made the same point regarding Marti's post a couple of days ago and was told the comparsum was valid.

Well it is here also.

Maybe it is time to burn a GLBT flag on Frank's lawn.

Sue Robins

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | November 8, 2007 5:24 PM

I think that for us to allow ourselves to get emotionally invested in his speech is a "suspension of disbelief" of the highest order.

I agree wholeheartedly.

I made the same point regarding Marti's post a couple of days ago and was told the comparsum was valid.

Sue, you crossed a line here, using the N word the way you have, in a way that Marti never even came close to. Comparing the two instances is ludicrous. I understand you are angry--I am, too. But I find your use of that word here to be not only counter-productive but offensive.

Brynn that is the way transfolk have been treated since this alliance with Gays and Lesbians took place. I know because i was there. Bear in mind i am not talking about this forum i am talking the larger political picture. the "N" word as you put it is an apt description of the status of transfolk politically speaking. I don't seen any line i have crossed that others in the Gay and Lesbian communitie4s have not crossed before.

Transfolk are suppose to be left living in a political apartheid class lower then the rest of the GLB community.

By the way Y'all got the edited version of that post. the language used in the original post before i edited it was much stronger. I still managed to make my point.

why should transfolk take this sitting down or like Bottoms for that matter?

Susan Robins

Bruce Parker Bruce Parker | November 9, 2007 2:48 PM


I usually don't debate with you because you don't seem the least bit open to engaging in dialogue or changing your views but against my better judgement here goes.

Do yourself a favor and google apartheid. I really believe that we do a massive injustice to our own issues and causes by attempting to make faulty weak and ill thought out comparisons.

I am not transgender and am well aware that with justice and equality for everyone regardless of gender identity and expression being a cause that motivates both my activism and my scholarship, I have to be very attentive to the complexities of being an ally. I don't have the least bit of understanding why my status as being trans or not trans affects our conversation at this point but I am sure you will enlighten me.

Finally, we clearly know different bottoms. Some of the best bottoms I know would never take these types of actions laying down. But, why not insult bottoms on top of everyone else.