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Was I bashing God?

Filed By Sara Whitman | November 18, 2007 3:30 PM | comments

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My sister asked me this morning why I wrote that "anti-God" post.

antiGod.jpg"Huh? The one about the Bibles?"


"I said bring on the Bibles. I said, the more the merrier. How is that anti-god?"

She had a heavy sigh. "God would not like that."

"What? That I yell out 'Oh my God!' while having sex?"

"See? You're going to get in trouble for that."

"Cathy, I don't believe in god. Remember? I'm an atheist."

"I'm working on that."

"Don't you dare work on that. Our mother was an atheist and it was probably one of the best things she gave me."

"Just don't do the God bashing anymore."

"I wasn't bashing God! I was saying please, more Bibles. Not bashing God."

So I ask you, was I bashing God? Did anyone take away a negative God remark from my post?

Okay, maybe I got a little cheeky in the comments section but the post was never intended to insult anyone's god. I know my sister gets confused because I am a Unitarian Universalist and she somehow relates that to believing in God.

Wrong again, my dear sister.

But in honor of her, I will quote from the Book of Samuel:

"And it came to pass, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. And Jonathan said to David, God be between me and thee, and between my seed and thy seed for ever."

And to think some call homosexuality a sin...

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You can't expect to keep all idolators happy. Jesus never said that the BIBLE was the way and the truth and the life... Think of the Bible as being like Dumbo's feather. Unfortunately, some will never learn to hear the voice within and fly without it.

KUDOS for standing your ground and speaking your truth.

I noticed you mentioned David and Jonathan in your post. More here if you're interested:

Chris from Denver.

My sister is a born again Christian. I love her very much and she is very wrong. Her comment about my quote from The Book of Samuel was that it was wrong.

She thinks I'm living in sin, but loves me anyway. She's sad I'm not with the lord, whatever that means, and that I'll burn in hell.

Better party, I say.

Only to irk her because I don't think there is heaven and hell. and I don't think the world is flat.

go figure.

I didn't read anything God bashing in it, although I did wonder why you would say the name of someone you think is non-existent during sex. Not bashing that, just curious. I presume it was just to be funny (which I agree it was very funny).

I'm also curious about atheism and universal unitarian. I always thought the UU's believed that all Gods are pretty much one and the same, just packaged a bit differently for each particular audience.

Why do I say goddammit or jesus christ when I stub my toe? I don't know. Just words stuck in our culture.

I'm not really going through a thesaurus while having an orgasm... just letting fly(VERY quietly as I have three kids) whatever comes to mind.

As far as UU's in my congregation, we have a mixture of everything, with many interfaith marriages. My wife was raised United Methodist, does believe in God and wants the kids to have religious education so they aren't swayed at 16 by the trappings of antying from Catholicism to the Moonies.

I agree.

I love the sermons. I love our minister, who is a Zen master. I love the social justice. I am, at heart, a deeply spiritual person. Just don't believe in God. The Unitarian Universalist society is a welcoming home for me. No one expects me to believe but to be a good person on earth today. To rally against injustice. I can do that.

without believing in God.

As for the comments referring to deities being ironic coming from an atheist, I dare anyone to come up with a whole new set of non-awkward, colloquial vocabulary that does not include a single droplet of religious roots in it.

As atheists, we must face the sad fact that Christianity is a deeply ingrained cultural heritage in American culture (or rather, the culture of those that were not slaughtered/ostracized into submission who lived on to produce following generations, ending with the evolution of a supremely Christian society). There are alternatives to "Oh, my God" such as "Oh, my goodness," which I try to use but find too dorky.

How can you bash something that doesn't exist?

Okay - I have to ask since I've never understood this. If you're an atheist, why are you going to church? Isn't sleeping in on Sunday one of the immoral, illicit rewards of denying our one (3?) true God? And did I see you knock the Moonies? Damn. Now we'll have protests...

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | November 19, 2007 2:04 AM

Sara, I started to read Richard Dawkins, "The God Delusion" recently, and while I had to take a break from his ravings and couldn't finish the book in one reading, a significant point I took away is the huge "Get out of jail free" card religions are given. (My words, not his.) No matter how absurd and internally contradictory--not to mention, misogynistic, nativist, homophobic or simply horrific--a particular set of beliefs or legends may be, because it falls under the rubric of "religion," no criticism is tolerated.

It's time that free pass was revoked.

So, in answer to your question, while I don't think you were "bashing" god, I also think you have the perfect right to do so. He's a fantasy. People no longer take offense when we make fun of, say, Zeus. A day will hopefully come when Yahweh is likewise regarded.

Well, Sara, would I be bashing Christians if I mentioned that most of the atheists I know have a higher sense of moral behavior toward their fellow humans than most Christians I know?

I guess that shows how effective all that Bible-reading, sermon-listening and church-singing is. People may be sleeping in the snow out on the street, but they do manage to be sure the floor is shiny in the church gymnasium and the church kitchen has nice Formica countertops. And they buy a new church VCR every three months because that is the favorite thing for the parishioners to steal.

P.S. to Brynn: Yes, Dawkins is fine proof that a fundamentalist atheist can be just as boring and obnoxious as a fundamentalist Christian, isn't he?

Brynn, I agree. And it's funny, because my ten year old son is reading Greek Mythology (which I loved at his age, too) and he keeps thinking they DID exist, long ago.

In a way, they did.

I will go get the book and send it to my sister- after I read it. She picked up my copy of Lost Christianity the last time she was here, about the books that did not make it in the bible- you know, the women positive, gay positive, priests should marry, stuff the conservatives didn't want.

A.J., now you're in deeper shit than me!! My sister is offline till next week but I'm sure she'll be back and quote some scripture at you.

And Bil, I am...uh... lax at times about going on Sunday's but for UU's it's a society, not a church. At least my congregation is. Mostly? I go because MY WIFE MAKES ME!

Paula: maybe the reason some atheists cry "Oh God, God!" during sex is that--in the heat of the moment--exclaiming, "Non-existent deity! Non-existent deity!" doesn't have the same ring to it. Could be a deal-breaker, if you're hoping she and/or he will stay for breakfast.

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | November 19, 2007 11:11 AM

Sara, as AJ says, Dawkins is more than a bit obnoxious in "The God Delusion." The book makes some very good points, but IMHO it's not the best book on atheism to give to a believer as you may end up inadvertently reinforcing some of their beliefs out of defensiveness. I'd say read it first, and decide for yourself... ;-)

Well, now, maybe Brynn has an idea: It wouldn't be so bad shouting "Oh, my Zeus!" while having an orgasm? Or try maybe, "Ah ... ah ... ah ... Apollo!" --- that one might work especially well while watching an African-American amateur talent show on late Saturday night.

Then borrow that Greek mythology book from your son and try a few other obsolete names for the divine.

(If you are having sex with a man, however, you might want to avoid "Olympus!" ... come to think of it, avoid it while with a woman, too.)