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Who's Going to Win the LGBT Vote?

Filed By Michael Crawford | November 26, 2007 7:50 AM | comments

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As you probably know from reading Bilerico, our contributors are an opinionated and varied lot. That is no different when it comes to the candidates for president that we are supporting. In an effort to give a full airing of our political diversity and to amp up the level of the conversation around which candidate LGBT voters should support, this week we are running a series of post from contributors touting their chosen candidate.

Here is the line up:

Monday - Storm Bear on Dennis Kucinich - "Dennis Kucinich: The one we really want"
Tuesday - Marti Abernathy on Barack Obama - "Obama's My Girl"
Wednesday - Steve Ralls on Hillary Clinton - "Called Back Together Again"
Thursday - Sean Kosofsky and Eric Marcus on John Edwards - "I Endorse John Edwards" and "My Dinner with Elizabeth Edwards."
Friday - Bil Browning on Bill Richardson - "An Open Letter to Bill Richardson" Governor Richardson also wrote his own guest post in response: "I Screwed Up."

For each post, I will post video in the You Gotta See This box to the right and a quote in the Homotextual box of the day's candidate talking about LGBT civil rights.

As we also know, you are an opinionated and varied lot and I encourage you to engage in the conversation through the comments. This is a chance for you to point out why you are supporting or not supporting particular candidates.

Let's get to it!

Disclosure: I am a member of Barack Obama's LGBT Policy Committee

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I'm glad to see that you decided to choose someone else for Barack since you're part of his advisory committee, Michael. That shows true professionalism on your part.

Thanks for organizing candidate's week for us. I look forward to this week's series.

I find it very interesting the phrase "our contributors are an opinionated and varied lot...full airing of our political diversity"

I have found the contributors to be opinionated... but politically diverse?

Who is writing about Rudy Giuliani?
Who is writing about Ron Paul?

Being even more diverse--

Who is writing about the Libertarian candidate?
Who is writing about the Green candidate?

Marla R. Stevens Marla R. Stevens | November 26, 2007 3:31 PM

There's diverse and there's shoot-yerself-in-the-foot diverse.

Marla, I agree, but since Dennis Kucinich was included, I thought all shoot-yerself-in-the-foot type candidates should be have been included.

David, I've got yer Giuliani.

Soon after his election in 1993 Rudolph Giuliani, onetime DA, proved that he could persecute as well as prosecute. He launched a campaign against African Americans that differed from traditional KKK efforts only in that it was “legal’.

The police were given the green light to go after people for any and all ‘offences’ perceived or real. The cops responded eagerly. The number of police shootings and murders skyrocketed under Giuliani. To make sure every one knew his racist credentials were impeccable he imperiously and illegally slashed the welfare rolls. When cops murdered young Haitian immigrant worker Patrick Dorismond Giuliani intervened to publically smear Dorismond’s character to protect the police shooters.

New York’s citizenry were counting the days till he left office until 9-11 catapulted him into national prominence. Although he opposed necessary medical care for hundreds of volunteers who were injured helping clean up the mess he managed to make a fortune in speaker’s fees – he got $200,000 for one engagement – as he exploited the vicious terror attack.

Giuliani is in the driver’s seat of the GOP clown car. His endorsement of torturing prisoners and murdering civilians by continuing the oil wars is utterly chilling and bloodthirsty. It even frightens Mr. Apocalypse Now, John McCain, who knows a thing or two about torture. He understands that when the US military started torturing Vietnamese and tossing them out of helicopters as an object lesson the Vietnamese replied in kind. He became an object lesson about payback for the use of torture and the wanton murder of civilians.

Like Clinton Giuliani supports the oil piracy and the extension of the war into Iran and makes no apologies for the genocidal murder rate. Like most presidential candidates of both parties he's pigheadedly opposed to samesex marriage. And like most Republicans and Democrats he supports the anti constitutional Paytriot Act, supports NAFTA, is opposed to Bush’s impeachment, supports union busting and doesn’t give a damn about the environment.

Like Clinton he earns high marks from Pat Robertson and Rupert Murdoch. They both dance the twin party two step, except for them it's one step left, allemande and four steps right. If either or both of them are candidates the election will give the left a excellent opening to educate large numbers of voters about the foolishness of supporting the twin party system and wasting their vote on their enemies. It’ll be fun.