December 23, 2007

Queers and Gentrification, Part 1: Wind Chimes

Filed by Yasmin Nair | December 23, 2007 | 3:22 PM | comments

I’m woken up by the sounds of a winter night in Chicago. The wind is rushing around our building, the windows sound like they’re being shaken by a child trying to get back in, and the porch door has creaked...Read More

A George Bush Christmas Carol

Filed by Bil Browning | December 23, 2007 | 12:05 PM | comments

Fellow Indiana blogger Robert Rouse has created "A George Bush Christmas Carol" graphic novel just in time for the holiday season. It's not realistic enough though... Everyone knows that George would have had little Timmy waterboarded before he did anything...Read More


Homotextual: Desmond Tutu

Filed by Ed Team | December 23, 2007 | 7:30 AM | comments

"I want to apologize to you and to all those who we in the church have persecuted. I’m sorry that we have been part of the persecution of a particular group. For me that is quite un-Christ like and, for...Read More

YGST: Ru Paul Santa Baby

Filed by Michael Crawford | December 23, 2007 | 7:30 AM | comments

The classic holiday song Santa Baby done as only Ru Paul can....Read More

Marcellas Reynolds Talks About His New Show

Filed by David Mariner | December 23, 2007 | 12:08 AM | comments

I've been a fan of Marcellas Reynolds since I first saw him  on Season 4 of Big Brother.  I recently got a chance to touch base with Marcellas and find out more about what he's been up to and his...Read More