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Barack Obama: Stand for Change

Filed By Michael Crawford | December 27, 2007 7:42 PM | comments

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Barack Obama urges voters to stand for change in our country in this excerpt from a speech given seven days before the iowa caucuses. After seven long years of George Bush, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales, Tom Delay and endlessly negative attacks disguised as policy, isn't it time that we had a president that we can believe in and be proud to call our president?

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I'm so torn about Obama. It's great that he's full of hope. But when you honestly weigh it out, hope won't get you as far as experience or practical sense. He's a great inspirational speaker, but I still haven't seen him really lead. What has he accomplished, Michael? How has he actively made the world a better place?

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | December 28, 2007 9:41 AM


Take a look at Dick Cheney who has more experience that pretty much everyone in Washington, yet he and Bush led us into the Iraq war, is pushing for war with Iran and destroyed our international reputation and credibility.

Early on you announced your support of Bill Richardson who also had an extensive resume, yet made gaffe after gaffe on the campaign trail and is now an also ran in the race.

I think that what matters more as we head into the 2008 elections is judgement. From the beginning Barack opposed the war in Iraq. He did not support the war and then change his mind like some of the candidates. He opposed the war from the beginning. I feel confident that he would not rush us into a military conflict without extensive use of diplomacy to solve the issue first.

As a state legislator in Illinois, Barack helped to pass a non-discrimination that includes both sexual orientation and gender identity, tougher ethics laws, death penalty reform, welfare reform, increased healthcare for uninsured kids, a statewide ban on racial profiling and tax reform for low income people.

All of that to me is making the world a better place.

He also has a wide variety of experience dealing with the issues that affect real people. He was a community organizer, a civil rights attorney, ran a voter registration project to increase political power among poor and working class people, served in the Illinois legislature and chair the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

After seven years of Bush and company, we need a revitalized sense of hope and possibility. Barack embodies that thirst for change that so many of us have.

See, I wish Obama and Hillary would just run together. Then I wouldn't have to choose between them.