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Cynthia McKinney, Calling Us Back Home

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"The 2008 race for the White House is about to get a lot more interesting. Former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has announced she's running for the Oval Office on the Green Party ticket. After speculating for months that she may leave the Democratic party over its failure to impeach President Bush, cut off funding for the Iraq war and stand up for the poor, Cynthia has done just that, issuing a withering critique of her former party as she kicks off her campaign.

cynthiamckinneuy.jpg"The Democrats, no different than their Republican counterpart, eat out of the hands of corrupt lobbyists and feed at the same corporate trough," McKinney says in the video announcing her candidacy. "I am proud to say the Green Party is my new political home." McKinney implores voters to embrace a "new vision for this wonderfully beautiful and amazingly diverse country of ours" and calls out Republicans "who have deceived us" and Democrats "who have failed us" and stood by to watch the "illegal, immoral and undeclared war" in Iraq to journey on.

"It is time for peace," she says. "It is time to break the vicious cycle where the poor go to war and veterans come home wounded and ignored."

And whatever her chances of winning might be, true progressives should be grateful McKinney is in this race. She can change the course of political conversation in our country and call out those who who haven't been called out for too, too long.

It is unfortunate that, for many Americans, Congresswoman McKinney will always be remembered for her scuffle with a Capitol Hill police officer. Even today, and despite McKinney's stunning record of pushing progressive issues in Congress, there is much un-deserved animus towards her and not enough examination of just how extraordinary she was during her time in office.

In fact, there's been a well-orchestrated - and well-funded - campaign to derail McKinney's political career that, upon close examination, doesn't contain an ounce of truth. Journalist Greg Palast rightfully called that campaign "The Screwing of Cynthia McKinney," after he undertook an investigation to find out if any of the numerous allegations against the Congresswoman were true. They were not, and McKinney never even said some of the oft-attributed smears her opponents lodged at her.

Talk about a battle-tested candidate. Cynthia McKinney knows a thing or two about how to fight.

As the documentary film American Blackout noted recently, what Americans think they know about McKinney - and our system of 'democracy,' - is a far cry from the real candidate and the real issues she's fought for her entire life.

McKinney was deep in the trenches of the fight for an accurate vote count in Florida in 2000... far ahead of most progressives in her humane advocacy for a Palestinian state (while, despite reports to the contrary, being a friend in Congress to the Jewish people, too)... standing on the frontlines, without apology, of the battle for LGBT equality... and being a loud, unmistakable and desperately needed voice for America's poor.

Now, that voice... that fire... that clarion call for uncensored and un-apologetic honesty is coming back to the campaign trail.

Every progressive voter, indeed every American who looks for truth and believes in a government of the people, by the people and for the people should applaud Cynthia McKinney's entry into the 2008 race. This time around, we get a voice - one that refuses to be silenced even by corridors full of those who grasp onto self-perceived power - that seeks answers, embraces justice and refuses to put America's most vulnerable at the back of America's bus.

In her campaign announcement, McKinney urges Americans to "come home." All her adult life, Cynthia McKinney has fought tooth and nail to make sure that home has a seat for everyone at its table and a balcony high enough to see over the clatter of the power classes and into future.

At last, the muzzled masses may begin to speak freely. Cynthia McKinney - one of the last true freedom fighters of our age - is calling us back home.

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This time around, we get a voice - one that refuses to be silenced even by corridors full of those who grasp onto self-perceived power...

I disagree with this small part, Steve. We don't get a voice; she's an also-ran already. There's no way in hell that the Greens are going to win the presidency when they can barely win a spot on the city council in most of America. We don't get a voice, we get marginalized again.

If McKinney wanted to make the most of the situation, she'd have pulled a Kucinich and stayed with the party while pulling the debate back to the left as a candidate from a party with a shot of winning. We all know Gravel and Kucinich won't win; their job is to pull the party more left than they'd like while Obama and especially Clinton try to go Republican-light. Only Edwards and Richardson are mushy middle-of-the-road centrists (with Edwards starting to push more left daily).

Thanks for this post, Steve.

I think this quote is the best point:

"Every progressive voter, indeed every American who looks for truth and believes in a government of the people, by the people and for the people, should applaud Cynthia McKinney's entry into the 2008 race."

That is exactly why McKinney will be bludgeoned to a pulp if she manages to draw even a quarter of the attention Nader did.

The problem is that she isn't being obedient. She should "work within" the Democratic Party or she will affect their chances at claiming the brass ring. The Dems don't want a candidate that makes their pseudo progressive positions look as shallow and meaningless as they are in reality.

Since she won't make the mistake of running with the wolves (DNC) and be happy with being marginalized as liberal, fringe, also-ran, then the Party will do it's best to smear her.

They believe in democracy as long as they aren't forced to act on it. It's only about calculation, compromise and complicity.

I couldn't agree more with most of your points, Patrick.

By running as a Green, the Dems are going to be in full Nader-strength attack mode. They're not going to want anyone stealing their thunder.

That said, however, I do think it would have been better for her to stay w/ the Dems. By sticking with the party, she'd have been included in the debates and be getting more press attention. This helps the progressive cause by getting the left message out to all the folks watching the elections; she'd have more of an opportunity to push the party that way.

I'm an Edwards supporter now. If he is not the Democratic nominee, I will consider the Green Party. I believe there are four candidates for the Green Party Presidential candidacy so I don't think Cynthia is yet the "party" nominee.

I have voted Green Party in the past, mostly on "down ticket" races. I do not think they are a nationally viable party, yet, and I try to give them votes to help them gain status when there is not a progressive Democrat that I can support. However, because of the fact that two of the left leaning Supreme Court justices are likely to retire soon, I will find it hard not to vote for the Democratic candidate even if it is not John Edwards unless it is going to be a "blowout" one way or the other.

My roommate, though, is very anti-Obama (I don't quite understand why) and has sworn to vote for Cynthia if he gets the Democratic nomination.

I have to say that the claims of change promised with a dem administration compared to the weak actions of Congress since 2006 make me doubt the Dems sincerity and their will.

Without a three way debate (at least) following the too early primary results, I wouldn't vote for any democrat.

McKinney and others do the right thing by challenging both parties from the outside.

The party would never tolerate dissent. It has to come from 3rd or 4th parties.

Nader II

Nader II

Nader II

Although I don't think the Dems will be blind-sided as they were the last time. Either they'll go in full attack mode (which they seem to be much better at directing leftward instead of rightward), or they'll completely marginalize her.

Either way, the Green, etc., candidates will be the only anti-war ones in the election, but no one's going to care.

It is unfortunate that, for many Americans, Congresswoman McKinney will always be remembered for her scuffle with a Capitol Hill police officer.

The Dems don't really need to go into a attack mode on this one. She's already been killed.

People, how long will continue to settle? I watched the PBS doc on Nader the other night. People didn't support hime not because they dis agreed with him but because they said "he couldn't win". We never seem to want to support the one who says everything we agree with but instead go with who we think "can win". I dunno real winners like um... Mondale (cause Jesse can't win)or Dukakis (cause, again Jesse can't win) and um oh yeah, Gore. Finally there was Kerry. Funny how all of the the "legitimate" candidates lost. You know why they lost? They all played Republican light and did not offer the voters a CLEAR progressive alternative. We could easily capture the undecided middle if we could get our candidates to be proud to be liberal and to celebrate their liberal ideals. We are gonna lose again in 2008 because Nancy won't firmly stand up to George and the candidates are all running GOP lite instead of Progressive Strong. When people don't see a real difference, they go with the real Republican (Clinton was the only exception).

Maybe Cynthia can't win but she has won, is in Congress and is speaking to our issues. Maybe she deserves a listen and maybe if enough of us support her, then the others will listen, too. just maybe.

People didn't support hime not because they dis agreed with him but because they said "he couldn't win". We never seem to want to support the one who says everything we agree with but instead go with who we think "can win".

Yeah, and look at what all those Kerry supporters who said we should support him in the primaries because he's the "most electable" and "beating Bush is the most important thing to consider" got us.

The thing that still strikes me about the Nader/Gore debate of 2000 is that instead of saying "If you think Gore can't represent you, here are reasons a progressive should feel good voting for him." the vast majority of Gore supporters had nothing to say beyond "Stop being so stupid and immature, you're gonna put Bush in the White House and then you'll be sorry." That dialouge has changed a little in the past seven years, but not much and, sadly, I think a lot of the progressives frustrated with the Democrats still feel like votes taken for granted due to a deliberate lack of other options.

My politics are to the left of Cynthia Mckinney‘s and I did quite a bit of research. People change, but or now she's a ‘progressive’ whose amorphous politics are not exactly cutting edge or well thought out. Steve is correct - most of the stories about her from right wing sources are, simply put, lies. What enrages prowar Democratic islamophobes are her statements equating them to the Republican war machine and her no nonsense working class approach to the war.

She’s got virtually the same politics as Tutu but even right-wingers like Bush, Lieberman, and the Democrats are afraid to call him anti-Semitic. If she's the Green candidate it will spark an illuminating debate and the connections between christian theocrats, ultrarightists, zionists and Democrat centrist will become clearer. The connections center around their support for the oil piracy.

For more information about anti-Semitism, the resource wars and the Palestinian struggle here are some useful links: a source of up to date news an excellent analytical and scholarly site on developments in the Middle East and the resource wars Eyewitness accounts Eyewitness accounts scholarly publication at website of The University College of Cork, Ireland (Where they know something about colonization and racism) Analysis of American politics and anti-Palestinian activities a report on the growing Jewish anti -zionist movement and the use of zionist smear tactics about soldiers who refuse to torture and kill Palestinians

JakeInFlorida | December 21, 2007 3:32 PM

If selected the nominee of the Green Party, Cynthia McKinney will only discredit and marginalize the Green Party's credibility and viability as a third party more than it is already.

I am a former resident of Cynthia McKinney's Georgia congressional District. I have had personal conversations with Ms. McKiiney numerous times and have attended many of her public appearances.

Ms. McKinney is a captivating speaker... going right by the scripted pro-black, pro-poor Progressive, liberal dialogue. However, Ms. McKinney is UNintellectual, self-centered, anti-white (racist), ignorant (just talk with her for ten minutes) and uneducated, a conspiracy theorist (about almost everything), and about the greatest wack-job to come out of Georgia politics. She is not "Progressive." She is "Extremist." She is as much a left extremist and George Bush is a right extremist.... and equally as strident and ignorant.

As her father before her (a force in local politics) she has but one constituency; poor, ignorant black voters. Once outside that political environment, she is totally rejected. The Black, middle-class, educated (Progressive & Liberal) voters of her former District did not, and will not, support her.

And by the way, she will drop any support of Gay issues like a hot potato if it's politically expedient for her. When has she demonstrated any leadership in going before a black audience to actively support bridging the gap between homophobic Blacks and Gays? Or to talk frankly about AIDS in the Black community? Oh! That's right. AIDS is a CIA conspiracy to kill off the Black community. I forgot.

Please Steve, tell me you are more intelligent than this! It's so easy to see beyond the 'correct' rehtoric to discover what a real fraud Cynthia McKinney is.

Tom Darland | January 2, 2008 5:34 PM

I have been monitoring the political area and noticed she has a new domain that is registered to POWER TO THE PEOPLE when I go to the site it looks like they are still testing or something

Power to the People
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Domain Name: MCKINNEY2008.COM
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Expires on: 03-Dec-08
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Administrative Contact:
Dance, T
Power to the People
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Boulder, Colorado 80301
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Diamond, G
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Berkeley, California 94702
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