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Happy tears for the holiday

Filed By Mike Rogers | December 25, 2007 8:30 PM | comments

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Tags: death penalty, liberal issues, life, New Jersey, Rome

Jay Lassiter of Blue Jersey headed to Rome... If you're opposed to the death penalty, you'll love it. If you support the death penalty, you are barbaric. And if your're gay and support the death penalty then you just don't get it.

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Well now having seen to many of my sisters killed just because there were a Tranny. I am a barbarian and support the death penalty for those who decided to give me that sentance just because I am what I am.The only two crimes that derserve the death penalty is murder for commiting a hate crime and murder for hire.So this bi Tranny is a barbain and proud to support thhe death penalty for those who would kill me and my sisters just because!


I'm glad to see a post on the death penalty, which I'm absolutely against.

Yet, I'm also deeply disturbed that life without parole, which also strikes me as a horrendous sentence ("barbaric", if you will) is considered an option by so many. I know there are those who fight against both - anyone know of a group that's vocal on that? (my cranky dial-up system is playing the clip too slowly here, so I can't tell if Lassiter has anything to say on the subject). Sentencing ought to serve a purpose, not just serve as a means to exact revenge. Which is what hate crimes legislation is also designed to do, btw.

While I oppose the liberal usage of the death penalty, I do think there are a very few exceptions. Hitler, some of those African dictators and mass murders or serial killers are about the limit. Hell, anymore in Texas you can get the death penalty for bouncing a check!