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Huckabee on AIDS, DADT and the Role of Religion in Politics

Filed By Michael Crawford | December 18, 2007 11:07 AM | comments

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Mike Huckabee appeared on the Larry King Show and talked his AIDS quarantine remarks, his opposition to allowing gays to serve openly in the military and whether or not he would have gays in a Huckabee White House. Huckabee claims to have gays working for him in the governor's mansion in Arkansas. Those gays apparently have had no impact in elevating his view of LGBT Americans. The gay and HIV related comments began at about 4:10. Huckabee still hasn't met with Ryan White's mom about AIDS.

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And I was just about to post this, lol.

Huck on AIDS: I'll keep on lying about 1992 AIDS research, and me not trusting the government is somehow a selling point here.

Huck on Mormons: I was really asking if Mormons hate Jesus! Legit question! And it's the media's fault.

Huck on DADT: I'd leave it to the military to change a policy that can't be changed by the military.

Huck on Creationism: Please let's talk about music and art instead. This subject makes me sound crazy.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | December 18, 2007 2:08 PM

Alex, you shouldn't have had that last croissant. You got to move quick with some 50 contributors here at Bilerico.

It's always those croissants that get me.... or something like that.... :)

Mikes an idiot and yes im Republican so any of you want to crossover and help us keep this guy from the nominaton?

If I cross over, will there be croissants?

If he does indeed have LGBTs working for him, I'll be the first to say "Off with their heads!" Sounds like the same unscrupulous gays who hang out with Ann Coulter.

Or maybe those ubiquitous Black "friends" and gay "friends" and poz "friends" and Muslim "friends" these sorts always seem to refer to.

I'm sure that there were some LGBT's working somewhere in the executive branch of the state of Arkansas when he was guv, but let's hear from the gays working on his campaign right now, just as the gays working for Obama came out in his support after the Donnie McC incident.

Amen, Lucrece. I just don't get the queers who serve the far right masters...

I doubt there will be croissants but just knowing you helped keep this idiot from getting the nomination should be good enough.Yes there are those of us who are Republican who are GLBT we tend to be more low profile than our more liberal minded Democratic friends. After all if we were all the same whats the fun in that.After all somebody has to remind the Socialist wing (ie Social Conservatives the socalled NeoCons) of the RNC that it realy is a "Big Tent" party. Right now my votes with McCain.Granted none of the candidates are what youd call GLBT friendly so we take what we can live with.