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Just when you thought Hillary had it rough...

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Imagine being a woman leader in a developing country or a Muslim country - or both. All of the sexism and violence with none of the respect.

While W plays around in Iraq and attempts to meddle in Iran, he seems to have forgotten about Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden. Where's Osama? Oh, that's right. He's hanging out in Pakistan - where our "friend" and military dictator President Pervez Musharraf rules. Isn't it convenient that Musharraf had just released Bhutto from house arrest?

Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated today in a suicide attack that also killed at least 20 others at the end of a campaign rally, aides said.
The attacker struck just minutes after Bhutto addressed a rally of thousands of supporters in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, 8 miles south of Islamabad. She was shot in the neck and chest by the attacker, who then blew himself up, said, Rehman Malik, Bhutto's security adviser.

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This is terrible! I have no doubt that the CIA is behind the assassination. Our government doesn't have a problem with military dictators as long as they serve our purposes. (*cough, Saddam)

it is interesting to see history repeating itself in my lifetime. I can remember a middle eastern country that had embraced western ideals including woman's rights. Then in the late 70's something changed....
it looks like the powers that be are nipping this one in the bud before it gets out of hand....

Benazir Bhutto

The Tree of Liberty Must Be Watered With the Blood of Patriots Occasionally

Take care

The assassination didn't have anything to do with her sex. It has everything to do with the current military president and the power given to him by our government.

Once again the US has propped up a dictator that (supposedly) supports our interests and acts contrary to our beliefs.

They've got nukes.

Prepare to invade sometime in the next 10 years as our government builds a case against them.

Oh - and remember to vote. It really does someone.

The US always props up it's enemies.
The national export is war.
we are the merchants of death and destruction, in a larger picture.