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Marcellas Reynolds Talks About His New Show

Filed By David Mariner | December 23, 2007 12:08 AM | comments

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Marcellas ReynoldsI've been a fan of Marcellas Reynolds since I first saw him  on Season 4 of Big Brother.  I recently got a chance to touch base with Marcellas and find out more about what he's been up to and his new Style Network show.

You first appeared on the CBS show 'Big Brother' in Season 3. How has your life changed since being on the show?

Wow my life is sooo different than before. I think the biggest difference is how many people know me. Not a day goes by without someone saying "Hi Marcellas." And of course now I'm now on TV a lot. Big Brother really changed my life & the direction of my entertainment career.

You've been able to use your celebrity to raise money for many organizations. What cause means the most to you?

I'll always have a soft spot for Project Angel Food. The work they do, delivering fresh, hot, nutritious meals to those in need is amazing. I also love L.A. Pride. They asked me to host the concert last summer and it was just monumental for me. They asked me to return next summer and I said yes. My pal Shannon (Elizabeth) would kill me if I didn't mention Animal Avengers. It's such a fun charity that rescues animals.

Your new show, 'Shop Like a Star' premieres on the Style Network January 12th. What can we expect to see on the show?

I'm so proud of this show! I'm not just on-air talent but consulting producer. It's my very first producer credit! We're teaching men and women how to shop. How to get the looks of their favorite stars at their local stores and via the internet. It's fun and informative!

What hot items are celebrities shopping for these days?

Women wearing mens watches; Rolexes, Cartier Tanks. It's all about the big chunky watch. For girls it's the season of the trouser; skinny, flare, wide-legged, high-waisted. You are not in fashion without a good pair of slacks. For men, it's dark, skinny jeans and wing-tips. The rounded toe shoe is so in! Retire those square toes with a chunky heel. Oh and men must have a mini-trench. An updated, fitted trench coat in black or navy reeks of style.

Season 9 of 'Big Brother' begins February 12th on CBS. Do you plan to be involved in the show?

I'm sitting this season of Big Brother out. I want to really focus on my fashion styling, TV hosting and acting. I'm actually pitching 2 new shows that I hope get picked up. I want to produce also. It's time for me to move on. Nothing is sadder than an ex-reality star holding on to a past season of a show.

Is there anything else you'd like your fans to know?

Just keep watching me! I work for Style and E! a lot. Expect to see me doing more make-overs on your favorite talk shows in 2008. And please visit marcellasreynolds.com for all things me!

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I remember Marcellus from BB, but I don't think I've seen him in anything else. I'll keep my eye out.