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Mitt Romney, Planned Parenthood fundraiser

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Jen Jorczak posted way back in May about how someone dug up a $150 check from Mitt Romney to Planned Parenthood from back when he was OK with women having control over their own bodies. He immediately blamed his wife, denied knowing anything about it, and then donated $15K to a local anti-choice group.

Well, Mr. Romney doesn't seem so innocent after all (from Blue Mass Group):

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Yep, that's Mitt Romney, in 1994 when he was running for Senate against Ted Kennedy, at a Planned Parenthood house party.

He was so quick to throw his wife under the bus, saying that that was something he'd never have done, since even though he was effectively pro-choice as governor, he personally opposed all abortions.

His campaign went even further and said that Anne just couldn't remember why she would write a check to an organization diametrically opposed to the main litmus test her husband's party uses to judge candidates:

Romney spokesman Kevin Madden said Ann Romney does not remember whether it was a straight donation to the abortion rights group, which supports abortion rights, or whether she wrote the check as an admission fee for an event.

"Since it was so long ago, Ann has no information of the circumstances," he said.

Well, the donation does appear to be admittance to an event, and that event was that very fund raiser:

I spoke this morning to [Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts then-president] Ms. Gamble to confirm the circumstances of the photograph. She said that this photo was taken at a house party -- a fundraiser -- for Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts, held in June of 1994, at a private home in Cohasset. She explained that Planned Parenthood held (and continues to hold) lots of events like this, where people are invited to meet 'n' greet, and to hear about Planned Parenthood's work. According to Ms. Gamble, both Mitt and Ann Romney were present at this event.

Ms. Gamble further explained that these events are fundraisers, and that invitees are asked to contribute to Planned Parenthood either in advance of or after the event. And, she told me, Ann Romney's $150 donation to Planned Parenthood was "related to" this event.

So Mitt was at a fund raiser for Planned Parenthood and people had to pay upwards of $150 to get in a mingle with him. I wonder how this will play out as he tries to beat Huck in Iowa.

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Where did they find this picture? His facebook profile?

Wait, are you sure it was to meet and greet with Mitt? After planning several house parties, I read it to mean that he and his wife attended a house party for PP - not that he was the draw.

Then again, I just read your post without clicking through. LOL

Entirely possible, Bil.

But then Mitt would have had to have paid to get in, wouldn't it? And his campaign has said for months that he never gave any money to any choice group and he didn't know that his wife had.

But yeah, they could just be lying.

But we really don't know what went on other than that he and Ann were there and she wrote a $150 check to Planned Parenthood related to the event. Wild speculation is appreciated in the comments.

Why can't he just admit he was a pro-choice Republican? There's plenty of them out there.

Oh yeah . . . it's because he's a fucking liar who will say anything to get elected!