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More AFA follies: action alert over bare bums next to a Ford ad

Filed By Pam Spaulding | December 05, 2007 12:39 PM | comments

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In yet another desperate attempt to claim responsibility for Ford Motor Company's uneven performance this year, Don and Tim Wildmon's 24-hour-all-homo-all-the time American Family Association has issued another of its breathless alerts, and you've got to see it to believe it.

Ford advertised its Volvo division in the December issue of Out magazine. If that wasn't bad enough of a nose-thumbing by the automaker to "Christians" everywhere, apparently Ford is now responsible for the placement of its ad adjacent to a page with a locker room-style photo of three men in a shower.

Maybe AFA men shower clothed; I'll have to ask Joe Murray about that. He had this to say about the latest bleating from Tupelo:

The fact that this photo is not unlike a scene in any men's locker room means nothing to the AFA, for the pic was in a gay magazine, thus is part of the "homosexual agenda." And by placing its ad in that magazine, Ford took sides in the culture wars because only Christians should drive Fords (or in this case Volvo's). Here is more [from the Alert]:

AFA began the boycott of Ford after the company reneged on an agreement to stop supporting homosexual efforts. Ford reneged because of pressure from homosexual activists.

AFA asked Ford to remain neutral in the culture war, but Ford refused.

The insanity will never end. Sometimes an ad is an ad and nothing else. If Ford placed 3 naked men in its ad, it would be whole new ballgame, but this appears to be nothing more than a petty attempt to sound the alarm for a "homosexual agenda" that never materializes, but is often theorized.

Jeremy at Good As You had quite a bit of fun with this:

Though personally we don't understand the AFA's outrage, as we can see that this is a nice product that surely appeals to many gays. Sizable. A smooth ride. Nice color. Allows for rear entry.

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Pam -- I was so tempted to post about this, but I just recently put up one of their action alerts on the site.

But thank God someone did :) What a hilarious campaign!

Of course, if the Ford/Volvo ad had appeared in "Maxim" or another "straight men's magazine" there probably would have been scantily-clad women nearby. Which of course would be totally a non-issue. (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Everyone wants a part of Marc Jacobs, don't they? He gets all that publicity for his bare ass and Ford takes the heat. LOL

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | December 5, 2007 9:17 PM

Bil, you need to read up on your gay designers. That's Tom Ford's butt in the picture. Marc jacobs can be seen nude in a bunch of other places. Not that I'm the kind of guy that would be looking at naked guys. That would be a little gay.

Doh! You're right. That's what I get for typing before thinking! I always knew you were an ass man, Michael. :)