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Not Gay. Not Guilty!

Filed By Sean Kosofsky | December 04, 2007 10:56 PM | comments

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Tonight Boston Legal ran a great episode poking fun at the problem of police entrapment.

William Shatner's character was genuinely going to the bathroom when he is surprised by police who were insistent that his fidgety behavior in the stall was a ploy to get laid. James Spader once again did a good job at defending Shatner while poking fun at conservatives and bigots.

Interestingly enough the prosecutor in this case was gay and Shatner's character's protestations that he is not gay became ridiculous and comical. My major criticism of the episode though was that they didn't focus on the law.

The entire drama seemed to focus on the comic relief of innocent straight people accused of things they didn't do. It would have been nice to actually show a gay client acquitted in the case, but hey this was a good step.

A point they only hit on at the last possible second is that charges of solicitation usually are supposed to involve an offer or exchange for money. None of the fidgeting, or humming or toe tapping was against the law but it took Spader til the end to say that. Finally he referenced that a charge of solicitiation needed money to make it a crime.

Hopefully many of you were able to see the episode, If not try to check some of it out on YouTube.

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I. Love. Boston Legal!

I watched it last night too, Sean. I thought it was a pretty good episode, but like you I wish they hadn't just played up the whole "poor straight guy - they think he's gay" angle. Knowing the series though, it was an easy path for them to take since Denny is so homophobic.

Didn't see the episode, but as far as the "poor straight guy - they think he's gay" angle, given that the vast majority of BL's audience is probably straight, it's a lot easier for them to empathize with "someone like them."

That's to say, if the light bulb goes on for someone that "hey wait a minute, that could happen to me," they're a lot more likely to understand the issue, as well as potentially take action, or at least not be apathetic when others take action.

It's a bit like the teachable moment provided by the restrooms at a local restaurant. One door has a picture of a big cartoon Elvis impersonator, except that it's obviously a dyke-ish woman and the sign says "Drag Kings," while the other door marked "Tranny Girls," has a picture of a big-boned women with a remarkably square jaw in an evening gown and heels. Nearby there's a sign that says something like: "Don't know which one to use? Well, welcome to the world of all those people who never quite fitted in with having to pick one or other of the usual two choices you get. Pick the one you like best, and behave yourself."