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The Willie factor

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So Jerame and I were talking about this hypothetical yesterday and I thought I'd throw the discussion out for the readers too...

What happens to Hillary Clinton's campaign if the media breaks the story that Bill has had another affair? Will it matter if it happened before the impeachment? What if it happened after?

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One affair or 25 affairs i believe he could be a bi bottom and it wouldn't hake any difference.

The fact he and the Bushes were elected in the first says volumes that don't shine a favorable light on the American People.

Take Care

I disagree, Sue. If it comes out that he's had another affair after the impeachment, Hillary's campaign is gone. It'll play out in the media as "Hillary has bad judgement" and "Hillary will do anything for Bill - even overlook all his affairs. He has her in his back pocket."

At least if it's pre-impeachment she can say, "I already know about the one from 1984. We've talked about it and I've forgiven him. It was a private matter."

But after the impeachment? Kiss that candidacy goodbye.

She can spin it and they can fain a separation.
we need to remember politicians at that level
both the Clinton's and Bushes are so use to
Lying and putting up a false front that
this would be an easy issue to deal with.

The only thing that will do Hill-Dog in is
her own words... People are remembering what
she did in the white house and that will do
her more harm then Billie boy ever could.

Take care

Hillary's never been one to play the spurned lover. I think if another affair story broke it really wouldn't make much difference. Unless, of course, the story was about how Hillary's a closet case and has been sleeping with female interns all along. I know it doesn't really effect Republican male politicians when a gay intern story comes out. But this is Hillary we're talking about.

Makes me wonder if Hillery is elected if Janet Reno will end up back in the White House.

Besides the danger this may pose to religious splinter groups, i have always wondered.............

Take care

If Bill has another affair that goes public before the election, Hillary instantly wins the "pity vote", and the election. She becomes untouchable.

Just like we saw last time, if Bill strays again, Hillary instantly becomes cast in the "virtuous victim" role. Her positives, especially among women, will skyrocket, and her opponent(s) will have to completely redefine their strategies because any misstep will then finish their viability as candidates in a heartbeat.

Personally, I don't think it will happen. Bill's worth more to Hillary on the stump than sitting the election and probably at least the first year or two of her Presidency out under the media radar while she soaks up the sympathy vote and support.

There is no "kiss that candidacy goodbye" in this day and age, except for two reasons: running out of cash (McCain) or being boring (Thompson).

If it came out that Obama used cocaine, would it tank his campaign?

If it came out that Giuliani had sex and billed it to the City of New York, would it tank his campaign?

If it came out that Huck lied the whole time about having a theology degree, would it tank his campaign?

Honestly, she's already proven bad judgment by voting for the war. But this story would be sexy, true. Which, as Sue Robins says, says a lot about the American people, especially since they would speculate to no end about hypothetical affairs even though they can't be bothered to read basic policy statements the campaigns are putting out.

I think Becky's got it right only if Hill plays her cards right afterwards, which I don't doubt she would.

Hmmm... has Bill Clinton had sex in the past 8 years?

Nick the question should be.

What has Bill Clinton had sex with?

Take care