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Tonight On The Rebecca Juro Show: Ethan St Pierre

Filed By Rebecca Juro | December 20, 2007 4:44 PM | comments

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You know him, you love him...activist, Bilerico Project contributor, radio talk show host, Chair of the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition, the man who compiles the hate crimes statistics for the Remembering Our Dead website, and the guy who runs the TransFM Radio Network, one of the places you hear this show each week, Ethan St Pierre, one of our community's most active and well-respected activists and media figures, joins us tonight!

We'll be talking with Ethan about ENDA, hate crimes, trans-relevant media, and a whole lot more. Don't miss it!

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i can see there is a long way to go in educating TrangGender People about being Transsexual.

There is no reason to have a DSM listing for being TS.
it is a medical issue not a psychiatric issue.

Those of us that have a TS history are Not Nut Jobs.

SOmeone needs to educate both you and Ethan.

Take care

Good show Rebecca.
maybe next time i will call in.

Take care

Y'all know i am not politically correct.
I am too old for that.

Thanks and please do call in...and that goes for everyone! :)

i would be happy to.
Take care

This interview I had with a transsexual doctor might help explain things a bit.

Becky, Thank you for being such a wonderful hostess, as always.

And thanks for being a wonderful guest, Ethan, as always! :)

One thing to keep in mind....
Therapists have more then one way to deal with people who transition. since i had been living full time for just under 21 years when i finally decided i needed reconstructive surgery my therapist didn't diagnose me with having GID.

This is an important thing considering many occupations are off limits to people with a mental health history.

The people i help in their transitions i advise them to ether shop for a therapist who won't tag you with a mental health diagnosis or live full time long enough to get your reconstructive surgery from one of the surgeons off shore.

you need to underst6and when i use the term "nut-job" that is how many of our employers see us.
the idea is ti minimize that by shopping for the right therapist or use alternative means to get your surgery.

You don't have tagged as someone with a mental illness to have SRS and i and others are proof of that.

Take care
Sue Robins